• March 28, 2023


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With technology advancing day-by-day, digital and content marketing has become quite popular. Brands consider content marketing as one of the best ways to stand out and promote themselves among gazillion other companies.

Although most of the time, the brands self-promote by creating content for themselves, there are also blogs that talk about FMCG brands and offer a much-needed boost.

Here is a list of such blogs. These blogs assist you in getting noticed by the world.

Top Blogs That Promote Upcoming FMCG Brands


Brandyuva is a branding and design agency based in India. The company works with ambitious leaders and small-medium enterprises who are eager to build brands that stand out of the crowd. Brandyuva does everything from brand naming to creating an identity and package designing. They have worked with many brands in the FMCG and hospitality industry.


Reviewsxp, a Sirsa-based startup is a customer review portal that aims to bring companies and consumers closer by fostering an open dialogue where customers can leave reviews. The portal not only helps companies find and resolve problems faced by customers. It also allows end consumers to feel more confident in purchases. ReviewsXP enables companies to directly reply to any consumer review and the whole process is publicly visible to make it transparent and inspire confidence from potential customers.


LookupTwice is a website that curates engaging content for both PR professionals and digital marketing. The unique and high-quality blog posts are specifically designed to help better understand how social media, latest trending topics related to the business consumer market including more and how it connects with our profession. They have the ability to adapt to any writing or digital marketing skill to any varying demand.


Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, our channels of communication such as Whatsapp. They have become our modern-day companions. We spend most of our time with them.

If any brand is considering promoting their company in those channels, MarketingMind is their go-to. CMarketingMind is not a mere service provider but acts as a digital media partner. It works closely with FMCG brands to create and deliver campaigns that work for them.


Walkthrough was started in 2010 as a personal website to represent an individual listing of popular places, destinations, and travel. They slowly started walking through the amazing places of India to know more about its culture, tradition, fair and festivals. Eventually, this listing website also stepped into FMCG. Now, the website lists the products, places, companies, and foods too.

Digital competition is taking over the companies. If you know any other blogs that can boost FMCG brands and offer them the much-needed twist in popularising themselves, let us know in the comments!

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