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work from home


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2020 has been unpredictable. The arrival of COVID-19 and resulting consequences have meant global lockdowns and confinement to homes, among many other things. One important result of the lockdown is the transition to the world of the internet. Work from home jobs has become the new norm in every sector of the job.

work from home

Mintly- The  Global Hiring Marketplace for Gems,Jewellery and Precious Metals Industry is the fastest growing community-driven marketplace for the  Professionals and Brands in the Industry. It is 6-year old in the Hiring Space since its launch in September 2016, focused on Retail, IT, and Engineering Industries. During COVID, Mintly found a bigger talent skill gap problem in the Jewelry Industry, and from Feb 2021, it pivoted further to focus only on the very niche Jewellery Industry. Currently, it is focusing on major jewellery hubs in India such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Surat, Chennai, and Bengaluru cities. In 2022, Mintly has set a target to onboard 1M  professionals (White-Collar, Blue-Collar workers) and 10K Brands in the Industry. 

There are various roles coming in the jewelry industry that can be smoothly managed remotely.

Below are a few Work from home online jewellery jobs near me listed:


work from homeDiamond and Jewelry Consultant

Seeking a consultant for a mostly remote job responsible for evaluating needs, making recommendations, performing demonstrations, and managing communications. Relevant BA/BS, computer proficiency required. Candidates should have call center and/or customer service experience, strong organizational skills, exceptional communication skills, and schedule flexibility to serve as a diamond and jewelry consultant for a telecommute option position. One should have the ability to provide excellent customer service and support customer inquiries via calls, emails, and chat. Option to work remotely after 6 months’ experience. Must have a previous call center or customer service experience and strong communication skills.

  • Seasonal Bench Jeweler – Experienced Jeweler needed to perform setting of stones and assist with jewelry polishing. Extensive jewelry manufacturing experience and strong communication skills are required. Seasonal position.

graphic designingGraphic Designer

Online retailer of fine jewelry seeking individuals to develop landing pages to be used in conjunction with emails & as promotional pages for the website. BA in related field & 3+ yrs exp designing Web sites/creating web graphics. 3-month Contract. Mentioned below are some of the skillsets necessarily required for work from home online jobs:

    • Study, design, and prepare innovative jewellery ideas using Sketches and technically sound drawings.
    • Must have experience in Matrix / Rhino.
    • Develop well-imagined and visualized jewellery designs.
    • Identify with expertise and design innovative and attractive jewellery pieces in accordance to brand aesthetic along with target cost points. 
    • Design jewellery commensurate to precise price points after knowing goods cost and pricing level. 
    • Modify and integrate new features in samples creatively. 
    • Attain detailed knowledge of metal technical grasp, materials, and components to create clear, clean, and meticulous designs and sketches. 
    • Create technical drawings for components by translating photographs, designs, and 3D scan models and/or all components for use in jewellery manufacturing.
    • Create CAD models that meet manufacturing standards.  Create all needed CAD files for project sizing and variants. Prepare CAD file for rendering.       

work from homeSeasonal Customer Service Representative

Customer service professional with prior industry experience desired for a flexible schedule seasonal position. Must have excellent communication skills. Data entry skills and knowledge of the jewelry industry are highly desired.

Seasonal Order Review Specialist

Experienced customer service representative desired for a seasonal order review specialist position reviewing orders for risk; financial/banking industry knowledge a plus. Fraud Prevention and excellent communication are highly desired skills.

Sales to Home or Market Sales Assistant 

Involved in visiting homes, small gatherings displaying jewelry and selling them, organizing small exhibitions, etc. involved in BTL activities of the company.

TAH (Try at Home) Manager 
    • Managing sales data, reporting sales along with other KPIs
    • Organizing & maintaining sales collaterals
    • Managing sales representatives’ compensation plans & incentives
    • Handling lead generation and booking appointments
    • Hiring, on-boarding, and training staff in products & markets
    • refining the structured sales process

Pricing Analyst

Pricing analyst needed for a temporary position requiring a business-focused BA/BS, one+ year experience with e-commerce, SQL proficiency, MS Excel skills, and exceptional interpersonal communication. Will analyze data, and support teams.

  • Administrator/ Digital Marketing Manager – Working on enrollment and updating spreadsheets, updating mailing lists and sending out emails to Diploma students and answering queries via email, liaising with the Diploma mentors about live webinars and setting up webinar sessions, supporting mentors around assessment, collating final transcripts, etc.
  • Email Marketing Manager – Develop a strategy to create and execute email marketing campaigns that are aligned with the overall marketing strategy and purchase journeys. Optimize campaigns through the use of enhanced segmentation, customization, and machine learning. Creating and managing daily creative work, delivering high-quality work that reflects the message we want to share with our customers, responsible for bringing the brand to life in all executions, partnering, and scaling our creative assets to many variations.
  • Copywriter – Contribute to communicating the brand story and new brand voice across all touch points of the customer experience: site, email, advertising, and social media. Your passion for writing will shine in all types of projects with copy that celebrates.
  • SEO Content Manager – Lead SEO content strategy across both US and international sites to deliver maximum business results. Ensure our content investments are data-driven, support SEO growth, and help us meet our marketing objectives. Regular upkeep and maintenance.

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