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Flourish by Gunjan Jain


Think rare and exceptional gemstones, striking luminescence and intricate designs carved as delicately as laces. Resting on that neck, or wrist or maybe upon those ears. Think Flourish. Fine jewellery minus the fuss! Gunjan Jain's pioneering spirit, an eye for design and a brilliant mind is what came together to create Flourish - India's first exclusive jewellery store that has made jewellery affordable, accessible and exceptional! With her brainchild Flourish, author and economist Gunjan Jain went where no other Indian woman has gone before. Slipping gently on your finger, that classy solitaire ring that seemed so beyond the moon, through the revolutionary use of moissanite, zirconia and coloured gemstone. To say it plainly, at Flourish you can own all that your eyes landed on and heart desired as you passed by the bright yellow spotlights of the high-end jewellery store showcase. Even the most iconic pieces and the most elaborate heirloom piece right down to the everyday mix-and-match you so like to pair with your work and cocktail wear. And all of this at about a hundredth of the price! Standing upright on the four pillars of the 4C-s - clarity, colour, cut and carat; Flourish is a creation from the heart that has revolutionized the way we think and wear jewellery. Across genders and generations. With every piece unique, Flourish brings together the best of intricate craftsmanship with a truly gorgeous global design. The largely traditional Indian jewellery market suddenly finds itself shaking off the age - old shackles of fitting into a formula and giving you more value for every buck. With just one wish for you, no matter what comes, Flourish!

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