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Haryana jewellers is a leading manufacturer & wholesaler of artistic diamond jewelry. The business came into existence in 2000 and has, since then, been a known name in its field. Customer centricity is at the core of Haryana Jewellers Pvt Ltd in Chandni Chowk, Delhi and it is this belief that has led the business to build long-term relationships. Ensuring a positive customer experience, and making available goods and/or services of top-notch quality is important. It is one of the players in Diamond Jewellery Set, Gold Bangle, Gold Bracelet, Gold Ring, and Gold Nose Ring to name a few.

Specialized in designing masterpieces of Gold Bangles, Silver Payal, Gold Chain, silver rings, and gold necklaces with distinguished designing skills and quality, we are Showroom, Manufacturer, and Wholesaler. We solely focus to deliver creative masterpiece ornaments or jewellery and maintain prime product quality at a good and nominal price. We possess a team of talented jewellery designers who constantly engage in setting innovative patterns that are both contemporary and distinct.


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