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Rajesh Tulsiani Fine Jewellery


Embrace intricately crafted luxurious fine diamond jewellery. Since 1988. After an extensive experience of 32 years in the industry, Rajesh Tulsiani launches his own personal label to win hearts of jewellery fanatics. His vision breathes elegance and enthusiasm into a splendid collection that is set to make a mark in the industry.

 A striking melange of extraordinary design aesthetics and superior quality, each jewel in the collection is a true reflection of art & supreme craftsmanship. With exceptional awe and glamour at the pinnacle of this exquisite range, jewels by Rajesh Tulsiani Fine Jewellery will surely give you a beau idéal look this festive season.

The magnificence of the collection is topped by the well-thought-out placement of coloured gemstones complementing the glimmer of white diamonds, worthy of made in heaven title. Embracing showstoppers and conversation starters, this marvellous collection features dreamy chandelier earrings and cocktail rings.

Allure all eyes and sway in elegance with these meticulously crafted precious baubles by Rajesh Tulsiani Fine Jewellery highlighting intricate and unique designs.


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