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Solasta stands for 'shining' in Scottish, and it truly shines bright in the world of Jewellery. With a desire to create relevant & luxurious jewellery for all the brand has created a name for itself by creating a rich mix of classic & contemporary aesthetics.

The brainchild of two boss ladies Chhavi and Tanisha Nanda; both with an eye for the finer details, Solasta is a home of creativity where ideas from around the world come together & turn into a reality. With artistic sense & world-class craftsmanship, the team has left no stone unturned in keeping their customers happy!

Nature has been the biggest inspiration for our founders and hence, is one of the four pillars of 'Solasta' along with intriguing shapes, vibrant cultures and zeal for fashion.

At Solasta, we use Swarovski Zirconia & Hallmarked Sterling Silver to create our masterpieces. Solasta excels at exhibiting the glory of premium diamond jewellery without going heavy on your pockets. Our collection identifies with the masses yet reflects luxury that befits royalty. Each collection is a rich blend of timeless classics and contemporary marvels that strives to mark a statement and elevates your every day, as well as, occasional ensembles.

Our jewellery is curated in Surat - the city of diamonds. Each piece is handcrafted by expert heritage karigars from the city that is renowned for its luxury jewellery.

Solasta welcomes applications for all departments, from candidates, looking forward to a challenging career with plenty of opportunities for self-development, learning and contribution to society.


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