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Today Gold Rate in India

In India, there is always a close association with Gold. It is the symbol of Prosperity and wealth according to Indian traditions. Gold Jewellery is so near and dear to Indian women that they can’t have enough of it. During Diwali and wedding seasons, buying gold jewellery has become the #1 shopping experience for any woman in India. 


Gold rate changes every day. Like any commodity pricing, its value can be found out every day by searching in Google or you can find the rates in Mintly.


Gold Loans are the best opportunity for anyone  during an economic downturn to buy a loan using their gold assets. This asset never lost in value as much as Crypto had in the past. It is one of the most go to assets for any investors. They buy in forms of Gold Coins,  Gold Bars, Gold ETFs etc. Gold in the form of Jewellery is not the best investment choice. Due to the fact that it comes with servicing charges and additional metals used in making the Jewellery.


Gold Price is affected by various factors such as  Supply and Demand, market scenarios across the globe and the strength of US dollars. The Geo political issues that are arising out of the Russia-Ukraine War, China-Taiwan Tensions and Post COVID supply chain issues have affected the price changes significantly. In India, the gold prices change due to local taxation, local trade associations and the supply demand problems.

Overall Gold Price Trend In India
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