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Mintly helps you in thoroughly completing the different verifications before onboarding a Jewellery professional. Before any hire joins the team, we recommend every Jewellery business to initiate End to End Employment Background Checks to filter the “High Risk” professionals.

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Employment Verification

An employment verification will usually verify the professional’s job title, employment dates (start and end), and occasionally salary history and job duties.

Academic Verification

An Academic Verification searches the education, degree, training, or certification claims of a candidate are true and identifies potential discrepancies before you hire. This service is used to confirm educational experience at HSC,College, University or other certificate programs.

Police Verification

Police Verification is done to verify if there are any Criminal or Civil Suits against the candidate in the local police stations or other jurisdictions within the State.

Court Verification

A court verification is an authorization given by the Advocate/Lawyer to endorse the status of any pending cases against the candidate in any court within the jurisdiction. An Official Report will be submitted by the licensed lawyer against all the names used by the Candidate in any jurisdiction.

Address Verification

We conduct in-person address verification to make sure that the candidate resides in that particular home/residential address given during the hiring process.A Report will be submitted with all the proofs related to their residential stay.

Reference Check

We verify the candidate’s professional work ethics and code of conduct with the references given by them during the hiring process. These unbiased reports are submitted to the hiring manager during the onboarding.

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