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10 Things to do when you get WFH Jobs

Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta

July 01, 2022

This Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the concept of Work from Home across the world. It has been a boon as well as a bane for some. Working from home isn’t all bad if you approach it strategically, and it has its own set of advantages. Let us look at 10 ways we can strategically handle Work from Home – WFH jobs.

1. Create a Dedicated Office Space for WFH jobs

Setting up a home office space that is specifically for your work will allow you to have fewer distractions. It can be a separate room or a closet in your home that isn’t used for anything else. Of course, when your office is in your home, you also have the freedom to switch it up once in a while to create a cool, new workspace that keeps it interesting and lively.

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Install High-Quality Technology

Good internet connectivity or a working system are the ultimate tools for remote workers. Just like a poor wifi connection, if your machine crashes and starts disrupting your work every now and then, it can break the momentum. 

Do thorough research on all plans provided by the internet providers. Invest in an affordable device from a genuine brand of technology with good features. Make sure it possesses the latest version of the processor and operating system.

2. Prepare a To-do list/Planner, Task Lists, or Time Management Tools

A To-Do list is nothing but an index of tasks to be finished on the following day, organized in order of priority. Working remotely recommends you keep track of how you spend every hour of your day. Self-tracking lets you understand your productivity and keep a track of efficiency and progress. It would help in time management and prioritization of critical tasks.

Time management and planning | Teamgate Sales CRM

Structure your Day in WFH

As you complete one goal after another, check them off the list, indicating that you are making progress. This keeps your focus intact, thereby improving your knowledge and making the work seem doable.

Similarly, a planner or a calendar is an accountability tool- to schedule and keep track of meetings, deadlines, and appointments. This way, you do not have to devote headspace to constantly remembering your office chores during Work from Home WFH. A to-do list and a planner are crucial for positive reinforcement, whether for work or non-work activities for real work from home jobs. Share the planner with your coworkers to notify them of the time you have blocked out on the calendar for official work.

Maintain consistent Working Hours in WFH jobs

You may have days when you need to complete a large amount of work. In that case, you can request an extension from your manager or extend your work timings for that day. But doing this daily can be harmful as working overtime can stress you physically and mentally. Working tirelessly every day past your work hours to meet deadlines and depriving yourself of social life is detrimental. Flexible work hours are what we all need.

Decide what your regular work hours will be and inform your manager and colleagues of your schedule. Your coworkers need to know when you’ll be available for work tasks and meetings, and when you’re clocked out and on personal time during WFH jobs. Creating a set schedule also makes it more likely that you won’t consistently work for long hours, enhancing your overall work-life balance.

3. Communicate Proactively & Clarify Expectations during WFH jobs

When you’re not in the same office as your manager and teammates, you need to take your communication skills to the next level. Use e-mail/Outlook, phone calls, video calls, online chat software, and whatever other tools like Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Sharepoint, etc., you have at your disposal. Ask when and how people want to hear from you, and follow those preferences. Be prepared to over-communicate to ensure you and your team members are collaborating effectively, and that your manager and colleagues know your priorities in real work from home jobs for a fresher. 

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Clarifying expectations starts by having frequent and transparent conversations with your colleagues, manager, or coworkers, making sure you know what and when they expect you to accomplish. Continue to manage expectations as you proceed with projects and tasks, providing updates and asking for clarification, and feedback as required. 

4. Make your Presence Known in WFH jobs

Working from home WFH might lead to a sense of estrangement from one’s coworkers and superiors. Because when the meeting takes place digitally, voices often go unheard. This could lead to a halt in growth. So all you have to do is actively participate in those conference meetings, interact, and even show your willingness to attend optional meetings. And every time you take such calls, make sure you speak up so everyone knows you’re on the line. 

5. Plan Occasional In-Person Meetings With Team Members

While online communication tools will help you build strong virtual bonds, it’s hard to replace face-to-face conversations. Meeting with your coworkers and manager in person won’t always be possible (like during a pandemic or due to different locations). But it’s useful to schedule quick meet-ups with local team members and also try to attend any offsite retreats that your company offers.

6. Healthy Lifestyle during WFH Jobs

Right Diet and Sleep in WFH jobs

Five Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go | Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center - Buffalo, NYOne of the perks of working from home is free to access to the kitchen. As soon as it is time for breaks, you gravitate towards it to grab snacks. However, this practice does not benefit you in any way in the long run. Being on a healthy diet is essential when you are a working person.

And get started with your healthy routine during WFH jobs. Eat energizing meals for lunch- iron (leafy green vegetables), protein (fish, meat, eggs), and complex carbohydrates (legumes & whole grains). Include fruits, nuts & berries together with some juice in your diet. Don’t forget to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water.

Also, one of the most crucial activities which go unnoticed while working from home is your sleep pattern. Your sleep time often gets compromised between work and binge-watching. But maintaining a proper sleep schedule is imperative if you aim to deliver the best results. Go to bed at a definite time. Try to get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. Resist the temptation to oversleep and start your day early.

Stay fit Physically and Mentally during WFH

8 tips to try to maintain health while working from home | WFHOne way to increase your performance at work is to be proactive. And regular exercise can help you do that. Adopting the habit of regular exercise is beneficial for your personal and professional life. The whole concept of working from home has given rise to social isolation, which has affected people’s mental health to a great extent. 

Yoga and meditation in the early morning have always proved to be constructive. It strengthens focus, improves self-awareness, and reduces stress levels. Likewise, meditation is also a wonderful thing to end your day with. So, try to take some time out and exercise, even if it is for 15 minutes. 

7. Take a few Breaks in WFH Jobs

Working like a robot for 8 hours straight reduces productivity during WFH. Your work time can often get tangled with your break time for the routine gets messy while working remotely. This is why you should set a precise time for breaks.

Take breaks at definite intervals, walk around, play with your pet or maybe listen to some music. Add a proper break-time schedule to your planner. Pay attention to how you spend your time and take those brief breaks to refresh and renew yourself.  Make sure you don’t cut your breaks too short. You might have pending tasks but never compromise on your free time. Tools like RescueTime and SmartBreak, to name a few, are apps that, once installed on your computer, allow you to set a time limit for how long you will be away from your computer.

Leave Home

To the extent that it’s allowed and safe during the pandemic, get out of the house and move your body. Your body needs movement and blood circulation. Plus, the fresh air and natural light will do you good. Ideally, step outside for at least a short while before, during, and after your working hours. This same advice applies to people who work in traditional office settings, too. Leave the building at least once a day during working hours. 

Avoid Personal Tasks

To be a good remote employee, it’s essential to not let household to-dos take over your schedule. Sure, throwing in a load of laundry during a work break is fine, but make sure you don’t let miscellaneous household tasks dictate your workday. 

8. Get Dressed Up for Your Work Day

What is your favorite outfit when working remotely? Pajamas!

Top dressing,' bejeweled masks and more: Coronavirus and working from home is changing how we dress | Daily SabahIt’s the ideal work-from-home outfit for staying in your comfort zone while still getting things done. And dressing up is something that people do not bother about while working from home. But that’s not how it should be. You must get ready for your work as you usually do. 

Not only will you want to look professional in video meetings, but getting dressed in the morning puts your brain in “work” mode, and keeps you focused. Casual dresses or pajamas are great but donning sweatpants may not help you to stay productive if you wear them for 48 hours straight. Our brains are wired in such a way that when making a decision, it takes cues from our social and personal outlook. 

9. Make Ground Rules for Family Members

Remote working is easily misunderstood by people, especially those who are not used to it. There might be days when you do not have much work, and you would just come out of your room to hang out with your family. However, it cannot be considered a daily routine signal during work from home WFH jobs. 

Have an open conversation with your family members and explain the expectations of the culture of the WFH jobs. Mention your estimated work hours and how you should not be bothered during that period. Hand the responsibility of controlling the kids, if any, to other family members. Once they acknowledge this, you will be set on your way.

10. Use WFH jobs to your advantage

Consider a hobby you used to like but can no longer do due to work pressures. When we have to commute to work every day, exhaustion takes over our mind and body, and most of the time, we are in no shape to engage in other activities. In work from home WFH jobs, you can pursue your passion without sacrificing your work-life balance.

When you work full-time in an office WFO vs WFH, it’s difficult to find time and energy to do your hobbies, and it’s not a cakewalk. As a result, remote employees must make the most of their time working from home by discovering what interests them. 

Preparing for WFH Job Interviews

Preparing for WFH job interviews requires a few key steps. First, ensure you have a stable internet connection and a quiet workspace. Familiarize yourself with video conferencing tools and test them beforehand. Research the company and position, and prepare thoughtful answers to common interview questions. Dress professionally and maintain good eye contact during the interview. Finally, follow up with a thank-you email to leave a positive impression.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,it is clear that remote working can be a great opportunity for many. It allows us to work in the comfort of our own homes and provides us with more flexibility than an office job. However, it is essential to ensure the job is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Making sure you have a designated workspace and setting yourself boundaries are both key elements of remote working success. With these tips, you can make sure your remote working experience is positive and productive.

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