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How Do I Become a Certified Gemologist?

If you have a keen interest in precious gems, you can find several career options in the gem industry. In this blog, we have provided a simple and comprehensive step-by-step guide that will help you to become a certified gemologist and find gemologist jobs.

Posted by Haleema | August 30, 2021
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How much does it cost to make your own jewelry?

Do you want to make your own jewelry as a hobby or maybe to save money? But you are confused about how much making own jewelry will cost you? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have thoroughly explained the jewelry-making process, the required tools, and the cost of making jewelry. So, read on to bring your jewelry designs to life and find how much doing so will cost you.

Posted by Haleema | June 15, 2021
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Where Can I Buy Wholesale Jewelry?

The jewellery market is continuously thriving due to the high demand for unique and versatile jewellery pieces. Its value is expected to reach from $230 billion in 2020 to $292 billion by 2025. So, it is still a good time to become a part of this industry by starting your wholesale jewellery business. But from where to buy the wholesale jewelry? We have answer!

Posted by Haleema | June 11, 2021
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Top 25 Online Jobs without Investment

Work from home jobs or online jobs provide numerous opportunities. They allow you to escape the 9 to 5 grid, boost your savings, retire earlier, and earn without making an investment. Here are 25 such jobs!

Posted by Haleema | May 31, 2021
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Gems and Jewellery Industry Career Options

The gems and jewellery industry is highly accommodating and provides several career options. Whether you are scientifically minded, artistic, or interested in fashion and design, you can find several jobs for yourself that match your skills and interests the best.

Posted by Haleema | May 17, 2021
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Jewellery Jobs

How to Find a Jewelry Designer?

Hiring jewelry designer can be a challenging task when there is a sea of designers in the market. Therefore, it is essential to do your homework thoroughly before you make a final decision. There are certain things that you must consider while hiring jewelry designer

Posted by Haleema | April 27, 2021
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Online Jewelry Jobs: Earn from the Comfort of Your Home

Even now, when countries are implementing smart lockdown, many people still prefer online jobs over office jobs. Online jobs for jewelry designers and people interested in fashion have opened new doors for skilled people. If you have the right skill set and know-how things work online, then several online jewelry jobs are waiting for you.

Posted by Haleema | April 4, 2021
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Career Guidance

Career Opportunities with ROLEX Company

In 2020, the Rolex brand was valued at approximately 7.9 billion USD. But do you know how to grab career opportunities with the ROLEX company?

Posted by Haleema | March 26, 2021
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Which City has the Most Job Opportunities in India?

The growing economy of India is filled with numerous job opportunities. but which city has the most job opportunities in India? Read the article to know more.

Posted by Haleema | February 7, 2021