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Jewelry jobs have been playing an important role in creating jewelry pieces. People use jewelry for different purposes. Some use it to enhance their beauty, while others use it as a part of their tradition or custom. No matter what the purpose or type of jewelry is, it is loved by people, and they cherish these items. But have you ever thought about how jewelry of different designs forms or from where these designs come? A (computer-aided design) CAD jewelry designer plays an essential role in this regard. The designer uses different software to turn innovative designs into a reality. He/She can prepare different design models and bring changes to them before finalizing one design and cutting the stones etc. Artistic people who are also fond of jewelry often opt for this rewarding job option. It offers a handsome salary.

Job Opportunities for CAD Jewelry Designers in India

In India, women have been using jewelry as a significant adornment for ages. Jewelry designers come with unique designs and try their best to create eye-catching designs for women. Over the last few years, the number of CAD jewelry designers is increasing in the country. It is because of the increasing demand for different and peculiar designs. Mumbai has the most demand for skillful CAD jewelry designers. Due to this increasing demand, there are more job opportunities for jewelry designers.

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Different Job Options

A CAD jewelry designer can pursue many different jobs based on his interest. If you search for ‘CAD designer jobs near me on Google, you may get the following job options.

Jewelry Merchandiser

A jewelry merchandiser plays many roles. He displays jewelry in such a way that it becomes hard not to buy a piece after having a look at it. As a jewelry merchandiser, you will also have to take care of the appearance and supply of different jewelry items.


Engraving is one of the common jobs with jewelry. An engraver is an artist who can crave different designs on various surfaces. He uses numerous tools to craft beautiful designs on metal and manufacture beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry Historian

Jewelry historians are the people who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. They know everything related to ancient and modern jewelry. They teach others how history has impacted jewelry designs, what the most famous designs in history were, how people used to wear jewelry, what its impact was, and a lot more related to jewelry.

Gem Grinder

A gem grinder gives jewelry gems different shapes. He uses high-quality equipment during the process to make sure the gem does not get damaged.

Gemstone Appraiser

Gemstone appraiser is one of the valuable jewelry jobs. In it, the person evaluates the jewel, determines its quality, and assesses its market value or worth.

CAD Jewel Designer Salary in India

The salary of a CAD jewelry designer in India varies from place to place. A person working in an area where the demand is high (for instance, Mumbai and Delhi) will have comparatively high pay than those who work at a jewelry store where demand is relatively low. The salary will also depend on your skill level and expertise.

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