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Different Types Of Jobs At A Tanishq Jewelry Showroom

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

May 27, 2022

Who is a Jewelry Appraiser? What is the role of a Jewelry Store Manager? What degree would it require to become a Jewelry store manager? How much training would be needed before one can get a job at a jewelry store? How much salary can a jeweler expect to make? What career growth a salesperson in a jewelry store can expect? Tanishq is a highly reputed store among the many in India. Here are the various job roles at a Tanishq jewelry showroom.

A career in jewelry making is one of the most rewarding career options. If you have a knack for designing and creative interest in crafts, then you might probably be fit for a career in jewelry making. But before you plan a career in Tanishq jewelry making and get a job in your dream Tanishq jewelry showroom store, you must know the facts. It takes five years to complete a designing course in jewelry making and an ample amount of training before you get a job at a reputed Tanishq jewelry showroom store.

Tanishq Jewelry Showroom stores in Mumbai

Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst is typically responsible for the testing phase of the production process to ensure that final products meet the company standards. Duties include identifying whether products are functional, reliable, and meet the end user’s expectations.

Tanishq Jewelry Showroom Manager

A Showroom Manager is a person in charge of managing a showroom for a brand. They are also in charge of the team that works there.

Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who analyses an organization or business domain and documents its  processes, or systems. They help in assessing the business model or its integration with technology. Business Analyst helps in guiding companies in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis.


An accountant is a practitioner of accounting or accountancy. Accountants who have demonstrated competency through their professional associations’ certification exams are certified to use titles such as CA, Chartered Certified Accountant, or CPA. Such professionals are granted certain responsibilities by statute, such as the ability to certify an organization’s financial statements, and may be held liable for professional misconduct. Non-qualified accountants may be employed by a qualified accountant or may work independently without statutory privileges and obligations.

Senior Automation Engineer

Automation engineers design, program, simulate, and test automated machinery and processes in order to complete exact tasks. They typically are employed in industries such as car manufacturing or food processing plants, where robots or machines are used to perform specific functions.

The roles & responsibilities of an Engineer at a Tanishq Jewelry Showroom include:

  • Communicate with clients about requirements.
  • Research and design automation technology.
  • Create and establish a connection between information inputs, controllers, and outputs.
  • Establish monitoring and quality assurance processes.
  • Handle defects or errors in technology.

Tanishq Jewelry Showroom Sales Manager

Showroom managers are retail managers who specialize in selling high-ticket items, such as cars, appliances, electronics, and furniture. Since this is a leadership role, showroom managers are relied upon by owners to lead from the front and show employees how to drive sales.

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer will develop information systems by studying operations; designing, developing, and installing software solutions; support and developing the software team. The Senior Software Engineer will lead a team of developers responsible for building new and supporting existing websites.

Data Management Executive

Top Data Management Executive directs and oversees the development of organizing, storing, and analyzing hardware/software strategic information and operational/production data. To be a Top Data Management Executive typically requires 8+ years of managerial experience.

HR Manager at Tanishq Jewelry Showroom

Human resources managers supervise a company or organization’s hiring process, from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. They help connect executives with employees, build an employee brand, improve employee engagement, and build strategic talent resources plans.

Retail Sales Associate

The role of a Sales Associate is one of the most crucial ones in any Tanishq showroom. As the primary point of contact for customers, Sales Associates are responsible for understanding the customer’s needs, showcasing suitable pieces, and guiding them through their purchasing decision. This role requires excellent interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of the products, and a passion for customer service. Sales Associates at Tanishq not only get to work with beautiful jewelry every day, but they also have the satisfaction of helping customers find the perfect piece for their special occasion.

Jewelry Consultant

As a Jewelry Consultant at Tanishq, you will be doing more than just selling jewelry. You’ll be providing expert advice and guidance to customers about various aspects of jewelry, including design, quality, and value. This role requires in-depth knowledge about different types of jewelry, gemstones, metals, and the latest trends in the industry. As a Jewelry Consultant, your insights can help customers make informed choices and enhance their overall shopping experience.

Visual Merchandiser at Tanishq

Visual Merchandisers play a vital role in the jewelry retail store setting, particularly in creating an appealing and engaging shopping environment for customers. They are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the visual aesthetics of the store. This involves strategically organizing and displaying merchandise to highlight the jewelry pieces’ beauty and allure, and to stimulate customer interest and desire to purchase. A successful visual merchandiser in a jewelry store understands the balance between creative display and commercial appeal, presenting products in a way that entices customers while aligning with the brand’s identity and aesthetic.

Moreover, visual merchandisers often work closely with store management and sales teams to determine the best way to showcase new arrivals, special collections, or promotional items. They monitor sales trends and customer behavior to adjust displays as necessary, ensuring that they remain fresh, relevant, and effective. In essence, a visual merchandiser’s work significantly impacts a jewelry retail store’s overall customer experience, sales performance, and brand perception, making it an essential role in the business.

Inventory Manager

The role of an Inventory Manager at a Tanishq Jewelry store is a critical one, as they are responsible for overseeing all aspects of inventory management to ensure the smooth operation of the store. This includes tracking, controlling, and managing the jewelry pieces in the store’s inventory. They are tasked with keeping a precise record of every item that comes in or goes out, making sure there’s always enough stock to meet customer demand but not so much that it ties up capital or results in excess.

Furthermore, Inventory Managers at Tanishq are also in charge of coordinating with suppliers, placing orders for new stock, and managing the receipt of new inventory. They work closely with the sales team to understand sales trends and anticipate customer demand, enabling them to make informed decisions about inventory needs. Additionally, they conduct regular audits to ensure the accuracy of inventory records, preventing discrepancies that could result in financial losses or customer dissatisfaction. Through efficient inventory management, they play a crucial role in optimizing the store’s operations, profitability, and customer service.

Greeter at Tanishq

The role of a Greeter at a Tanishq retail store is an important one, providing the first point of contact between the store and its customers. Greeters are charged with creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, fostering a positive impression that can significantly impact the customer’s overall shopping experience. They meet customers as they enter, offer assistance, and may provide information about current promotions or new collections. A greeter’s friendly demeanor and helpful attitude can set the tone for the entire customer visit, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Beyond just welcoming customers, the role of a Greeter at Tanishq can extend to various aspects of customer service. They may also be responsible for answering customer queries, guiding customers to specific sections within the store, or alerting sales associates to customers needing assistance. In busier times, the Greeter plays a vital role in managing customer flow and ensuring every customer feels attended to. Essentially, the Greeter serves as a crucial link between customers and the Tanishq store, promoting a positive shopping environment and contributing to the store’s overall success.

Career Growth at a Tanishq Retail Store

Tanishq, as one of India’s most prominent jewelry brands, provides substantial career growth opportunities for its employees. You can kickstart from entry-level positions such as Sales Associates or Greeters. Employees can gain valuable experience and insight into the jewelry retail industry. Tanishq values talent and hard work, often promoting from within as Internal Transfer. This allows employees to climb the career ladder. You can possibly moving into roles such as Jewelry Consultants, Store Supervisors, or even Store Managers.

Professional development is also a key part of career growth at Tanishq. The company offers training programs and workshops to help employees. Employees can improve their skills and knowledge about the jewelry business. You can be learning about the latest trends in jewelry design, understanding the intricacies of gemology, or developing leadership and management skills.

These training opportunities can greatly enhance an employee’s career prospects. Working at Tanishq can be a fulfilling career choice, offering the chance to work with beautiful products. You will be able to meet diverse customers, and grow professionally in a well-respected company in the jewelry industry.


In conclusion, a Tanishq Jewelry showroom offers a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities. From Sales Associates and Jewelry Consultants to Visual Merchandisers and Store Managers, each role plays a crucial part in providing customers with exceptional service and high-quality products. Whether you have a passion for customer service, a keen eye for design, or strong leadership skills, there’s a position at Tanishq that could be your perfect fit.

The brand also provides excellent career growth prospects, with opportunities for professional development and advancement. Working at Tanishq not only offers the chance to be part of a reputable jewelry brand, but it also provides a fulfilling career path in the vibrant and ever-evolving world of jewelry retail.

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