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Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta

September 18, 2022

21 September 2009 – The global recession may have paled the sparkle of Indian jewelry with a massive decline in its employment, but for jobs in Assam, things are very different. Here, traditional jewelry is sparkling more brightly than ever and attracting more youth in the state to take up jewelry-making as a remunerative profession.

And helping them in the endeavor is an innovative training program by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurs (IIE) based in Assam Guwahati. The institute has helped the new entrepreneurs in their quest to develop this market, by blending tradition with modernity and in the application of numerous unexplored indigenous motifs, designs, and other traits of Assamese culture to their jewelry.

Assam has come up with Common Facility Centre (CFC) for Gold and Traditional Assamese Jewellery. Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal inaugurated CFC at Guwahati. The CFC aims at helping the jewelry artisans of the region by providing advanced production technology to compete with the multinational giants in the jewelry sector.

To augment production with high-quality standards, the machinery of modern-day technology has been installed at the CFC. Units for gems stone processing, plating, casting, chain making, die cutting, etc. have been set up at the CFC. 6 months of training would also be imparted on Assamese jewelry making to interested youths in the facility.

The Chief Minister referred to the Arundhati scheme of the state government under which Rs 40 thousand is given to economically weaker registered married couples. He urged the youth to contribute to Atma Nirbhar Assam’s mission by becoming self-employed while taking advantage of 6 months of Assamese jewelry-making training imparted in the CFC.

Widen your knowledge about Assam

company job in assam Archives » Assam jobsIt has been found that a lot of career aspirants looking for jobs in Assam do not have good knowledge about their own state. It becomes embarrassing when Assam career employment exchange aspirants don’t know the answers to questions asked at the time of interviews about their own state. Recently, one candidate from Nalbari could not reply to a simple question – When was Assam first created as a state? It was embarrassing for the career aspirant from Assam. But, how many of us know the answer? All of us should know that in 1874, the jobs in the Assam region were separated from the Bengal Presidency, and were upgraded to a Chief Commissioner’s Province of Assam. The capital was Shillong.

It is also natural for the interviewers to ask questions to the Assam career aspirants looking for jobs in Assam. So, they should start working on widening their knowledge of Assam job apply 2022 well in advance. Someone can’t gather total knowledge on jobs in Assam overnight. So, a systematic approach should be adopted to widen the knowledge of jobs in Assam.

Fostering new entrepreneurship

Debojit Baruah and Asha Pathak, two entrepreneurs trained by the IIE in jewelry designing and manufacturing, are all set to open their showroom in Guwahati shortly. Before opening their showroom, they improvised a variety of indigenous designs in addition to those already existing, and also conducted a market survey in the entire state engaging a group of local youths. The response to the survey was very encouraging, they say.

The international market for gems and jewelry is about US $40-45 billion a year, and India is a major exporter. The country’s export of gems and jewelry is estimated at Rs.44,000 crores (about US $11 billion), almost 1/7th of total exports. The industry employs more than 3 lakh people.”The course mainly focuses on traditional Assamese ornaments, because they are exquisite and unique. There is still a lot of unexplored market demand for them. We’re hopeful that the young entrepreneurs from the institute will be successful in popularising them outside the state too,” says Singh.

Assam Jewelry Industry

The state’s rich tradition of manufacturing gold jewelry dates back several centuries. Some of the popular traditional Assamese jewelry includes earrings with exquisite Lokaparo, Keru, Thuriya, Jangphai, Long Keru, Sona, or Makori; an array of necklaces including Golpata, Satsori, Jon biri, Bena, Gejera, Dhol biri, Doog doogi, Biri Moni, Mukuta Moni, Poalmoni, Silikha Moni and Magardana, and diversified rings including Senpata, Horinsakua, Jethinejia, bakharpata and others. Some designs are exclusively found in this region only.

The jewelry is typically hand-made, and the designs mostly depict floral and faunal treasures of the region. Traditional designs of Assamese jewellery are simple but decorated with vibrant red gemstone, ruby, or mina. Black, red, and green colors on gold jewelry are most favorites among the buyers; these colors also dominate the traditional dresses of tribes and communities of the northeastern states.

Assam Jewelry Designs

Some designs of traditional Assamese ornaments are directly derived from the elements of tribal culture. These designs and motifs sometimes have found space in these ornaments directly, and sometimes by blending. The Jangphai Keru and Gamkharu for example were originally tribal ornaments.

Lokaparo, which is an ornament with two sets of twin pigeons placed back to back in gold, mina, or ruby was originally worn by high-profile male dignitaries of the royal Ahom dynasty. Gamkharu, a pair of gold bangles, originally used by males only, now has formed an essential ornament of the Bihu dance costume of girls.

Jorhat and Sonari in Upper Assam, Nagaon in central Assam, and Barpeta in lower Assam have been major hubs of manufacturing of Assamese jewelry throughout the centuries. The jewelers are called “sonari” in the Assamese language. Their technique of making jewelry bears resemblances to the traditions of South East Asia, much more than to other nearby parts of India itself. There are also similarities with the Kundan jewelry art of Rajasthan. In 1853, there were four gold-washing mahals in the state.

Company: Lakshmi North East Solutions (Gems and Diamond Company Under Company Payroll)

Job Location: Guwahati

Role: Accounts Executive

  • Eligibility Criteria: –
  • Experience: Minimum 1-3 Years in Accounts.
  • Qualification –
  • Salary 15-18000 Monthly

Role: Sales Executive in Sales & Marketing

  • Eligibility Criteria: –
  • Experience – 0 – 4 Yrs of Experience in Sales
  • Qualification – Graduation
  • Salary – 15K – 25K monthly

Smart ways to get a job in Assam

There is always a rat race for every job, and the best candidate is picked up by the recruiters. The biggest challenge for jobs in Assam is to emerge as the best candidate among many. While strong networking helps the career aspirants in Assam to find jobs, every aspirant should prepare a long list of their contacts, and start meeting them or contacting them on a regular interval. Set a goal to touch base with at least 10 people you know weekly.

Connecting with alumni is another way to find jobs in Assam quickly. Generally, alumni from the same educational institute share a lot of common values and interests. The commonness continues to drag each other closer despite the batches. Establishing contacts with at least three new alumni per week will always help the Assam job app aspirants to widen their network and find new doors opening for jobs in Assam.

The career aspirants should always ensure that their resume is always updated, and ensure that they post them on important job boards. The job seekers in Assam should ensure that their resume has a well-dressed title and a smart introduction. As a first impression is the best impression, it can help the Assam career aspirants to get a job quickly.

Smart answers for Assam career aspirants in interviews

Answering smartly is the key to success in all interviews. Assam career aspirants should try to stand out with answers to all interview questions. Job seekers, before every interview, should review the job description, and map out the probable questions. “Tell us about yourself” is the most common opening question in every interview across the globe, and is also common in Assam. Actually, it is not even a question and is an invitation to open up. The interviewers try to gauge the job seeker with the opening invitation. And, every job seeker should try to make the best use of the opening invitation and make the best use of the opportunity to distinguish themselves from other candidates.
The second probable question that most Assam career websites for aspirants may face is – Where do you see yourself in five years? The employers won’t like to hear from you to climb the corporate ladder too quickly and be a supervisor. The answer to the question will depend more on what level the job position is for.

How to widen your knowledge about Assam?

Assam Career aspirants should understand that improving their knowledge in a complex state like Assam job portal is difficult. This cannot happen overnight. Assam is a land of endless diversities and socio-political issues are also highly complex. While there are demands for the right to self-determination, several ethnic groups are demanding wider political space. As many as six ethnic groups are fighting for their inclusion as Scheduled Tribes. The Assam Career aspirants should also understand that there is the problem of illegal migration from Bangladesh. Issues like updating National Register of Citizens (NRC) , amendment of t Citizenship Act 1955 have been creating waves in Assam.

Continued effort for several years can be the only way to gain considerable knowledge of the politically intricate state. For those Assam Career aspirants who lack knowledge of their home state, a systematic approach for at least one year can improve their understanding of the state.

Firstly, they should start a systematic way to improve knowledge of Assam’s history and geography. Secondly, the Assam Career aspirants should know about the important people of the state, and find details about their contributions to political, socio-cultural, literature, culture, or sporting activities.

Final Thoughts

Assam offers a promising landscape for job seekers, with a wide range of job vacancies and ample career growth opportunities. The state’s diverse industries, such as agriculture, tourism, and oil and gas, create a favorable environment for professional development. With ongoing initiatives to boost infrastructure and attract investments, Assam is poised to provide a flourishing job market for individuals looking to build a successful career.

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