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Career Options in Gems and Jewelry Industry

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

May 27, 2022

The gems and jewelry industry is highly accommodating and provides several career options. Whether you are scientifically minded, artistic, or interested in fashion and design, you can find several jobs for yourself that match your skills and interests the best.

If you have recently gained interest in this field and want to learn which career options you have in this sector, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have enlisted the best jewelry career options to help you find a gem and jewelry career that suits you the best. So, read on to discover which career is right for you.

Gems and jewelry career options

Bench Jeweller

If you like converting raw material into a masterpiece and bringing your ideas to life, then a job as a bench jeweler might be what you are looking for. Bench jewelers use different skills to craft and repair pieces of jewelry. They fix size, set gems, and change chain according to their customer’s demands.

This gems and jewelry industry gives you several options to work. Like you can work in jewelry manufacturing businesses, trade shops, or establish your own jewelry studio. Most bench jewelers are involved in repairing jewelry pieces, but some are designers and use their skills to craft beautiful pieces.

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Is this job right for you?

Bench jewelers use different tools, machines, and flames to craft different pieces. They have a detail-oriented nature because fixing or making items involves several sequential steps. So, they are patient and like taking care of all details.

Bench jewelers are interested in arts and design. They have strong work ethics and meet deadlines. If you like crafting jewelry, using your hands and tools, then this jewelry career might suit you more than any other on the list.

Gems and Jewelry Designer

It is a unique jewelry career suitable for people who are interested in design and fashion. If you like drawing, graphic designing, and painting, then it is a good gem & jewelry career option for you.

A jewelry designer creates unique designs and can work with jewelry manufacturers or retail clients. He can create a customizable design for customers who like giving their items a unique touch.

Is this job right for you?

Jewelry designers have a great interest in arts, and design and can work with the latest Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. They are detail-oriented and are aware of the principles of designing. They have a creative mind and good organization skills.

If you get fascinated by gems’ beauty, different colors, vintage clothing, and arts, this might be a good gems and jewelry career choice for you. As a jewelry designer, you will need to keep yourself updated and keep an eye on the latest trends to land jobs in jewelry manufacturing firms.

Gems and Jewelry Sales Professional

If you are looking for a gems and jewelry career that gives you a chance to sell a product you are passionate about, this jewelry career might be the right choice. As a jewelry sales professional, you will have to sell your products to potential customers and use sales techniques to attract more customers.

You will feel delighted to connect with several customers and become a part of their happy moments, for instance, engagements, weddings, and similar celebrations.

Is this job right for you?

If you are friendly, versatile, passionate, and like to help others, you can become a good jewelry sales professional. Another important characteristic that sales professionals must have is communication skills. You should be able to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

You should know which skills to use to sort out your customer’s problem, help him find the exact piece he is looking for, and provide him with the details related to trendy items. A good sales professional sells his products without being aggressive. He knows which tone to use and when.

So if you think you have these qualities and can work with different kinds of people, then jobs related to this profession are waiting for you.

Gems and Jewelry Management Professional

A jewelry management professional is responsible for managing a store. He performs different tasks, including hiring a new worker, training him, and maintaining a legal work environment. He maintains the whole store and keeps an eye on every worker to evaluate their performance and activities.

It is one of the most demanding jobs on the list of gems and jewelry careers, but it is also rewarding. It gives you a chance to create relations with a broad business community. You also enjoy financial satisfaction and respect from store workers.

Is this job right for you?

Jewelry management professionals are multi tasking who set their own goals. They have leadership qualities, know how to manage a team, and keep all team members on the right track. You will have the knowledge and ability to run a store and make it successful.

They are self-motivated and keep their team motivated too. Management professionals are people-oriented and can satisfy all kinds of customers with their services and help. If you think you have these characteristics, then this jewelry career might be the right choice for you. You can excel in this gems and jewelry career if you have management skills. But having a related degree will improve your chances of getting jobs.

Gems and Jewelry Appraiser

A jewelry appraiser has to evaluate a jewelry item and determine its worth. They have a keen interest in jewelry history, gems, designs, market rates, and jewelry-related knowledge. They use their experience and knowledge to examine an item and then write its detailed description on a document.

You can find jobs as a jewelry appraiser either at jewelry stores or appraiser firms. Many jewelry stores hire one appraiser to assist their customers when they need details of their items. Some work with the appraiser firms on a contract basis to get their help when needed.

Is this job right for you?

People interested in this gems and jewelry career are persistent and like asking relevant questions to their clients. Most appraisers have their own library of auction catalogs, price lists, and reference books. They enjoy doing research on different items on the internet.

If you are interested in this jewelry career but don’t have any experience yet, start by working at a jewelry store to gain knowledge about different kinds of jewelry and their rates and learn standard criteria for evaluating items. After doing similar jobs, you will gain enough experience and can start your own business.

Gems and Jewelry Wholesaler

It is a very profitable gem & jewelry career option. A jewelry wholesaler buys gems and jewelry pieces of jewelry in bulk, and then he resells them to stores. Because he buys items in bulk, so he gets a huge discount on all items. Therefore when he sells in the market, he earns a huge profit. Jewelry wholesalers usually do not sell to individual buyers.

As a beginner, you can find jobs at wholesale stores and then gain experience by working there. After gaining some experience, you can start your own wholesale business. There are many international jewelry firms in India, Asia, and Europe from where you can get all sorts of jewelry.

Is this job right for you?

Jewelry wholesalers are good at building relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. They keep themselves updated and know which trends are common in their country. Professionals are comfortable traveling to different places to get the best deals on wholesale jewelry and meeting new people every day.

If you are good at numbers and are friendly enough to build good relationships with jewelry manufacturers, then this jewelry career might be what you are looking for.

Quality Assurance Technician/Lab Graders

Jobs for quality assurance technicians are suitable for people who enjoyed taking science classes and attending labs too. It is because the duty of a quality assurance technician is to use different apparatus and tools to determine the quality of a jewelry piece, find defects if there are any, and make sure jewelry meets manufacturing standards.

The main goal of a quality assurance technician is to check a jewelry piece properly and provide a detailed document to his customers to tell them that the metal and gemstones are of a stated quality. Most lab graders who chose this gems and jewelry career enjoy testing colorful gems.

Is this job right for you?

Do you like studying gems, rocks, and minerals? Do you enjoy using the microscope and other grading instruments? If your answers to both of these questions are yes, then you will love working as a quality assurance technician.

To apply for lab grading jobs, it is better to have a related degree because it will show that you have the needed knowledge and skills. As a lab grader, you will need to be focused. If you are interested in the research field, you can become a part of that field as a quality assurance technician. It will give you a chance to find the common issues in today’s jewelry and how you can remove those issues to improve this industry.


Watchmakers are the craftsmen who manufacture, build, and repair watches. They like combing different parts of a watch to rebuild it in a better way. They enjoy using their hands to build very valuable items called watches. Watchmakers are actually technical people who not only build new mechanical watches but also repair damaged and old watches.

There are many watchmaking schools in the world where you can learn all you need to know to become a skillful watchmaker. Brands like Rolex have their own school to teach people watchmaking and help this industry expand more.

Is this job right for you?

If you are confused about whether you should choose this gems and jewelry career or not, ask yourself the following questions. Do I like solving puzzles and mechanical problems? Am I interested in model building?  Do I like doing tasks that require detailed hard work? If your answers to all these questions are yes, then this jewelry career has several opportunities for you.

To become a successful watchmaker, you will need to be persistent, patient, and have steady hands. You can work as an independent contractor to repair watches or as a watch builder for watch brands. You can work with watch collectors to repair antique watches.

Gems and Jewelry Polisher

As compared to the other jewelry career on the list, it is a rather simple gem & jewelry career. A jewelry polisher is an expert in removing the dull layers and scratches from the metals of jewelry. He uses different electronics and handheld tools to polish pieces of jewelry.

They also give shape to an uneven surface and give them a beautiful contour. As a jewelry polisher, you can either work with the manufacturers to polish the raw surfaces of new pieces of jewelry or open your own store to polish old jewelry items. Jewelry stores hire one or two polishers to help their customers keep their jewelry in good shape. So, you will find several jobs in this field.

Is this job right for you?

If you like enhancing the beauty of dull objects, this jewelry career might be a good choice. Jewelry polishers are skilled in using hand tools and different machines. They are persistent and have good concentration. Like professionals of other gems and jewelry careers on the list, jewelry polishers also have good work ethics, meet deadlines, and try their best to meet the needs of their customers.


The gems and jewelry sector has several jobs to offer. All you need to have is relevant skills, experience, and work ethics to land a job in a top company. While selecting a jewelry career from the options provided above, make sure you chose the one that gives you joy and satisfaction. This way you won’t be doing work only to earn but also to have self-satisfaction which will help you keep going ahead and working hard.

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