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Getting a Job as Retail Jewellery Sales Executive

Posted by | Jun 24, 2021

“How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you, matters even more.”

A jewellery brand which speaks for the customers while understanding their needs and desires is assuredly a brand that establishes itself. But there are many contributors who strive to make it happen. One such contributor is Retail Jewellery Sales Executives.

Retail Sales Executives primarily focus on customer satisfaction through customer service, and focus on achieving the sales quota through their sales skills. But what are the skill sets needed to get a job as a retail sales executive in the Jewellery industry?

The future of jewellery industry

Not only do sales executives play a key role in the growth of a jewellery retail store, but it is a lucrative career option for them too.

If you are seriously looking for a sales job in this industry, you can get paid handsomely for your sales skill. The jewellery industry’s latest stats are pretty promising.

Statista predicts that the future’s bright for the jewellery industry despite corona impact. The global jewellery marketshould bounce back soon and rise at $292 billion by 2025 (from $230 billion in 2020).

A compelling reason why you must consider a career in retail jewellery sales is that it is a skill that is always in demand. Isn’t this what you want to make sure when choosing a career path?

Businesses will always need a smart salesforce, even if the products sold may change with time and technology. Therefore, sales organizations are always on the lookout for good salespeople regardless of economic conditions.

Qualified salespeople also have a chance to earn an above-average income by rising to bigger, more important positions in a business. This is because people in sales are truly compensated on their performance.

Research shows that 85% of today’s senior executives such as CEOs and presidents come from a sales background.

What does a jewellery retail sales executive job require?

Any person above 18 years of age and a just high school diploma is eligible for a jewellery sales job. Previous work experience is not always required as they mostly undergo extensive on-the-job training.

The training involves becoming conversant with various cuts and designs of gems and jewellery, various benefits and deals the shop regularly offers, so that they can be put across in detail to the customers.

Getting ready for the job

Experience counts more than a degree in a salesjob. Mere strife for excellence will lead you to mentors and inspirations as you will naturally keep abreast of each and every major development in your industry. You can follow world class sales experts such as Daniel Pink, Lori Richardson, and Gerry Moran.

The sales job in the jewellery market asks for everything that a salesperson may otherwise need. So, let us get your mind prepared for that.

1.  Do you really care for your customer? It doesn’t matter how great you are at prospecting or presentation, or impressing people, your time and energy is a total waste if you can’t close a deal. Caring about your customers’ needs allows you to build trust and gauge whether your product is a good fit for them. Pitch them something that they need instead of pushing your own agenda.

A young woman visiting your jewellery store, for instance, would be extremely sensitive about every cut of her jewellery if she is about to get married. Make the shopping special for her.

2.     Do you know your prospect’s pain points? Selling is a solution. It is not possible if there is no pain or problem. Having complete knowledge about your product and its plus points is hygiene. However, you can’t sell it to someone unless it solves someone’s problem. Study your customer. Try to build a connection to find out his pain point. Just wearing a gem may not satisfy a man, he may be struggling to get a particular design for it.

3.    Do you talk too much? Your products drive sales only partially. Like we discussed above, it’s the customer’s problems that enhances the need to buy. Speak only as much to lead the customer to think that your product can solve his problem. For example, let the customer take over after you tell him about a gemstone that is both trendy and astrologically significant.

4.     Do you work alone? Even if you are an expert salesperson, and handling one of the finest pieces made by your jewellery designer, you need your team’s assistance to close a deal successfully. The best pitches of the world are stories of most rehearsed teamwork and coordination.

5.    Does rejection disturb you? After putting some passionate energy into a pitch, a NO can be ego-hurting. The biggest solution to this is to focus on the learning that every pitch brings, whether the customer buys your product or not. Every rejection teaches you what you shouldn’t be doing. It goes on refining your sales skill for the future. So, in a way, rejection too is a success.

Wrapping Up

A product, however good, doesn’t sell itself. It needs you, a salesperson, to push it into a zone where its value doubles and demand rises. A gem or a fine piece of necklace or a pair of earrings don’t know their value unless the simple-looking sales expert at the counter tells them.

If you have the patience to listen and understand the customer needs, if you research well and remain equipped to handle customer objections, if you know about the technique of self-motivation, if you are ready to be technologically updated, if you understand the importance of being healthy and presentable, and if you love and respect yourself as much as your customer, then you are in for a great opportunity.

And like we discussed above, the jewellery industry is a niche which is sure to see an upward trend despite all slowdowns.

So, if that glittering retail jewellery counter is beckoning you, and if you think you have passion enough to learn whatever it takes to be a retail jewellery sales executive, go ahead and apply now from the thousands of jobs available across India and abroad.


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