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What is a CAD Designer?

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CAD Designers use software to create technical drawings for complex projects. These designs may be surface modeling (2D), 3D images, or solid modeling. CAD Designers work on civil engineering projects, architecture, electronics, fashion, cars, or medical equipment designs.

CAD Designers use software to create technical drawings for complex projects. These designs may be surface modeling (2D), 3D images, or solid modeling. CAD Designers work on civil engineering projects, architecture, electronics, fashion, cars, or medical equipment designs. CAD Designers work on a team with Engineers, Architects, Scientists, and Designers. CAD Designers work a typical 40-hour workweek and rarely work overtime unless there is a problem with a project.

CAD Designers can find work at jewelry firms/stores, gemstones and metals industry, architecture firms, mechanical manufacturing facilities, civil engineering companies, construction companies, the fashion industry, electronics, and tech companies. They usually pick one area of expertise such as architecture, engineering, fashion design, interior and exterior design, game design, or industrial design. They can find work freelance, full-time, onsite, or remotely.

Daily, you can find CAD Designers doing tasks like establishing timelines and budgets for their jewelry design projects, using AutoCAD to create plans and models, keeping up with CAD trends, arranging and attending meetings with collaborators and managers, and creating models or drawings with CAD software, optimizing workflows with their team and other teams in their company, gathering reference information from other teams or clients, making revisions to drawings, or keeping a database of design records.

What Skills Should CAD Designers Have?

Jewelry CAD Designers must be proficient in AutoCAD, Microstation, and other computer design software. Each company will have its preferred software and it helps to be an expert in one software and look for companies that use it. Most companies will also use project management software, which can be web-based, like Monday or JIRA; tickets based, like One Desk; or desktop software, like Autodesk Vault. Jewelry CAD Designers will be expected to become proficient in their employer’s preferred project management software.

3 Essential Skills to Become a Successful CAD TechnicianThey must have knowledge of their industry, the materials used in that industry, engineering standards, machines, and maths. Any jewelry CAD Designer should understand the basics of spatial reasoning, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. CAD Designers learn throughout their careers. Material innovations and CAD updates and trends change regularly, so jewelry CAD Designers should expect to educate themselves on those developments as they happen. They’ll also need to use critical thinking skills collaboratively with their teammates to compile project data into budgets, timelines, and solutions.

The skills required to become a CAD designer can vary depending on which industry you want to work in. While it’s possible to gain the skills you need through an apprenticeship program, by far the easiest method is to get your education through a local college. You might start with a two-year program in drafting, and then get certification for the specific area of CAD design that interests you.

An associate’s degree in drafting, as well as certification, will get you in the door. Still, there is also a variety of other skills needed to be a successful CAD designer, specifically for the jewelry industry.

A good understanding of math
If you don’t love numbers, this job isn’t for you. Nearly every aspect of the design process involves math. You’ll need to measure angles, get precise distances, and help create accurate 2D and 3D drafts. If you love math and enjoy applying it as part of your daily work, becoming a freelance CAD designer may be a great career choice for you.

Flexibility in software
As a freelancer, you’ll be working with a variety of different companies. However, these companies may not have the same software available as you are used to. If you only know how to use one CAD software package, then you may find it difficult to complete an assignment if you’re not familiar with the program they prefer to use.

The ability to work independently
If the company chooses to have you work remotely you may never even see their offices. If you need a manager breathing down your neck to perform, you may struggle as a freelancer.

The ability to work independently is a critical part of any freelance job. Being self-motivated makes a difference in your performance. The last thing you want is to delay getting started on a task until just a few days before it needs to be completed, and then have to explain why it’s late. Without the ability to get projects completed without someone to motivate you, you’ll find freelance work very hard.

Have a creative side
CAD is all about creating designs for new objects. Whether it’s a floor plan or a new product, it takes a flair for creativity and the ability to visualize new things to excel. If you’re not a very creative person, this job may not be the best for you.

Typical Qualifications to Become a CAD Designer

How to Choose the Best Jewelry Design CAD Software

CAD Designers are expected to have a minimum of an associate’s degree and some companies will require a bachelor’s degree. This requirement can be bypassed with a certificate program or some CAD designer freelance experience and a fantastic portfolio. CAD Designers can get certified through The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) or directly from Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD.

How to become a CAD Designer

Complete the necessary education

To become a CAD designer, you should first pursue a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, architecture, or engineering. You could also take a CAD designer course at a community college or technical school, such as a two-year drafting program.

Learn about manufacturing and engineering standards

Gather more experience by obtaining an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) textbook. Study the textbook to learn about manufacturing and engineering standards that relate to your field.
Find an entry-level CAD drafter position. Before you become a CAD designer, you can first hone your design skills as a CAD drafter. Participate in any development opportunities that your employer provides, such as professional networking, group mentoring, CAD designer online learning, and social media resources. Prove yourself by getting things done efficiently and accurately to move up in the company as a CAD designer.

The Different Software Options for 3D Modelers

The next step in learning 3D modeling is to choose the software. There are plenty of them, but you should not get confused about the options. In the bigger scheme of things, most 3D CAD software packages are more or less at the same level of sophistication, especially if you’re talking about well-established names such as AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max, Inventor (and everything under the Autodesk brand), Blender, Rhinoceros 3D, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, and so on. Every single one of those tools is more than capable of helping you build your first 3D models.

different 3d modeling programs

One thing you really should consider is the price. Popular software packages often come with a high price tag, and for an excellent reason – file formats and compatibility options in addition to the actual modeling capabilities and rendering function all affect the price. Some require a simple one-time purchase, while others are subscription-based. Just like with every other product, people say “you get what you pay for,” but this is not entirely correct in the 3D CAD software market. The prominent software to point out here is Blender.

Searching for CAD Designer Jobs

CAD Designers can find jobs on CAD-specific job boards or on general job boards. They can find work at architecture firms, mechanical manufacturing facilities, Jewellery Industry, civil engineering companies, construction companies, the fashion industry, and electronics and tech companies. They work freelance, full-time, onsite, or remotely.

CAD Designers can find jobs on these sites: CAD Design Crossing, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, Simply Hired, Indeed, Career Builder, Dice, Peak Jobs, CAD Recruiters

CAD Designers can find freelance jobs on these sites: Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, CAD Crowd, Guru, Thumbtack

Increase your chance of success

One of the scariest parts about being a freelancer is not knowing whether or not you’ll even get your first customer. Until you have a steady stream of projects and are at the point where you can pick and choose customers, you may find going out on your own stressful without knowing whether you’ll make money. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to try, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Make yourself as attractive to customers as possible
Proving you are a good candidate for a client can be a little difficult without references or quotes from happy customers to help encourage new people to give you a try. Even a great sample project or a shiny certificate isn’t always enough.

You can make yourself more desirable by getting as many different certificates as you can, so clients can see that you have a diverse range of abilities. A well-trained, but new, CAD designer is worth taking a chance on, whereas a new designer with unknown skills might not be worth the risk.

Even though we just talked about not charging enough, you may want to start with competitive pricing, at least until you get your first few clients. Lower rates may tempt someone to give you a try, and if you wow them with your skills they may become the reference you need to get more lucrative jobs.

Adopt a winning attitude
All the certifications in the world won’t do you any good if you are hard to work with. A great attitude and a professional outlook will help those who work with you to see you in a positive light, even if you’ve made a few mistakes.

If you’ve ever worked with a positive professional, you probably know how much more you enjoyed working with them than a grumpy or reluctant person. If you’re worried about getting a great review, focus on your attitude first.

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