• November 30, 2022


In the post-pandemic talent market, it is possible to get a fast hire job, especially if you take the time to prepare. There’s nothing more impressive than a candidate who shows up prepared, confident, and ready to tackle any obstacles ahead. Put these 20 tips and your knowledge of the talent landscape to good use to find a position that matches your skills, and get hired fast.

Tips to get Fast Hire Jobs for a job seeker:

Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Fast

1. Get specific with your fast hire job search.

Your time is valuable, even more so when your goal is to get a fast hire job. Don’t waste it by filling out a bunch of applications for positions you are only semi-interested in. Instead, take the time to research positions you would really enjoy, and then use your time wisely to find and apply for positions that match what you’re looking for. Most job boards and recruiting sites allow you to make specific searches based on your criteria, including the name of the position, salary, qualifications, and other requirements.

Write out a few keywords that fit job duties and your prior work experience so you can use each site’s search functionality efficiently and to your advantage. These targeted searches also allow you to eliminate jobs that don’t meet your requirements when it comes to location, experience level, and other non-negotiable standards. The results will bring you to available positions much more closely aligned with your needs. Once you’ve found fast hire jobs that match, filling out applications will be much less tedious than when you’re applying for positions that are not a good fit.

2. Don’t settle for an imperfect fit.

Don’t compromise on what you value most when it comes to where you want to work. A fast hire job posting may sound like a great fit for your skills, but the company culture needs to be a fit for you, too. Research employer brands online, read employee reviews, and discuss culture fit on phone screens to be sure that both the positions and the companies you consider include your work values and needs.

Before starting your research, try compiling a list of what makes a company a great fit for you: its mission, vision, and values; location or remote work options; company-hosted events; a collaborative environment; and any other important traits.

3. Don’t quit your fast job search too quickly.

You’ve done your research and submitted your application, resume, and cover letter, but now what? Keep your eyes open for other potential employers and opportunities as they become available — it’s better to apply for several positions that interest you, rather than counting on one or two applications turning into job offers.

If a company sends a rejection letter, take this opportunity to ask them what you could have done differently to be considered, and use any feedback to improve future applications and interviews.

4. Write tailored cover letters for fast hire job.

Cover letters are not a thing of the past: 87% of hiring professionals said they read cover letters. Even more convincingly, tailored cover letters increased interviews by 51% and callback rates by 31%. It’s best practice to change the cover letter for each position you apply for, and that statistic proves that the effort pays off.

Give a brief summary of your qualifications, provide concrete examples of your successes, and talk about how your expertise will help the company thrive. Hiring managers want to know what sets you apart from other applicants, so use your cover letter to highlight how your unique skill set makes you a good fit.

5. Make your resume fast hire job-specific.

Just like your cover letter, each resume you submit should focus on that particular fast hire job. Be sure to highlight the skills and experience that are most beneficial to that position, especially those that are listed in the job description itself.

Without mentioning your qualifications, your resume might be missed by an applicant tracking system or the hiring manager, and you could be disqualified for the job before a person sees your application. Leave out skills and experience that are not relevant to the position you’re applying for so you have room for what does.

Summarize your past work experience succinctly and ensure descriptions of your job duties are relevant to the position you’re applying for. 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing your resume, so be sure to make it count with the skills and experience that apply to the open position.

6. Dress the part — in person and on video.

Most have heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, it really does hold some truth. When going into an interview, don’t dress just for your part, dress for the part of upper or senior management, or the position that you hope to obtain during your career at the company. This still applies in the world of post-pandemic recruiting: just because your interview is via video chat doesn’t mean you should skip out on a professional outfit.

First impressions are everything, especially when you only have 30 minutes or so to talk with someone before they decide to hire you. So, if you want to get the job fast, make the first impression count!

Projecting confidence in a job interview can be the difference between being the second choice and getting a fast hire job. With 65% of communication occurring nonverbally, confident body language is every bit as important as giving confident answers. Whether your interview is in person or on video, practice your nonverbal communication as much as you practice your answers to interview questions. Avoid fidgeting, pay attention to your posture, and maintain consistent eye contact for a confident demeanor.

7. Don’t fake your skills for fast hire job.

When it comes time for the interview, employers can tell when you’re faking your qualifications and your culture fit. They want to know who they’re hiring and you want to match the position and culture. Being misleading helps neither of you, and can result in bad job placement, poor performance, and ultimately, starting your fastjob search all over again. There’s no point in getting a fast hire job if you end up back at square one in a few short months.

Saying what you think the employer wants to hear might get you the fast hire job but at the cost of your own career growth and your relationship with that company. Being honest is the best way to show off your skills and land the job of your dreams.

8. Share your story, experiences, and achievements relevant to fast hire jobs.

While in the interview, it’s important to back up your skills and experience with concrete examples. Share stories about successes and learning experiences, and give examples of projects and situations at work that really made your skills stand out. Show how your skills helped benefit your last company with numbers, like the number of leads closed, tickets resolved, or products made. Use jargon and language that shows your level of expertise in your field.

Acknowledging your accomplishments is a great way to show what you’re capable of and how you’ve already succeeded in your career. You might not have 10 years of experience, but proving that your team doubled its sales in one year can make a huge difference when you’re being considered for a position.

9. Follow up with the hiring manager on fast hire job.

Whether you’ve heard back about the fast hire job or not, it’s important to follow up with the hiring manager or hiring team after the interview. Send a thank you letter or email stating how it was a pleasure to speak with them and that you really appreciate the opportunity. Reiterate any thoughts about why you’re the best fit for the position, and be sure to confirm your contact information and invite them to ask any further questions to aid their decision.
This shows that you are engaged and invested, and your sincere interest in the position can help you get hired quickly.

10. Leverage your network to find new opportunities within fast hire job.

Sometimes, job opportunities spring from unlikely places and unexpected connections. Be open to communicating and networking with others in your field. Whether at an industry event, over email, or over social media platforms like LinkedIn, make it a point to connect with colleagues, classmates, and others in your industry to maintain a source for job opportunities and career growth resources.

11. Create a list of reliable references.

Before applying to any job, create a list of references and reach out to those people to make sure they are comfortable with being listed as one of your references. Give them a heads up that you are applying to certain companies that may contact them, too. These should be people who know you through networking, past co-workers, or anyone else who can speak to your work experience and skills.
Make sure to choose references who are a good source of information. Choose people who are familiar with your work style and previous projects, and who can provide an unbiased, honest opinion.

12. Apply more than once for fast hire job, if it feels right.

So, you applied for a job and didn’t get it. A few weeks later, you notice that the position is still open. Feel free to try again! Take note of anything that may have gone wrong the first time and take another crack at it with a revised resume and cover letter. This shows initiative and your ability to develop and grow.

13. Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We all have weaknesses, and employers want to know about them. Remember, a weakness can also be one of your strengths. For example, your weakness might be procrastination. However, despite that, you always make deadlines and can produce excellent work, even on short timelines.
The same can go for many other weaknesses. Whatever your downfalls may be, use them to your advantage and show that even though you’re not perfect, you know how to work through your weaknesses and accomplish great work.

14. Stand out from the rest with one-of-a-kind details.

Standing out from other candidates is possible in several ways, from showcasing an online work portfolio to sending in a presentation that acts as your cover letter. These unique moves will help employers and hiring managers remember you and your work. Try an attention-grabbing tactic while also showcasing the particular skills the employer is looking for effectively.

15. Be engaged with the interviewer.

Hiring managers and employers want to know that you are listening and interested in what they have to say. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to say you’re unsure of an answer —it’s still possible to have a great interview even if you don’t know everything. It can even reassure recruiters that you’re accurately representing your skills instead of just trying to get the fast hire job.

One of the best ways to show you’re engaged and interested is by being proactive. Browse the organization’s website, read reviews, scroll through social pages, and learn its company mission, vision, and values. Bring notes from your research on the company to your interview. This information will give you ideas for questions to ask your interviewer and will show the hiring team you are confident and serious about the position.


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