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How to Use Naukri to Post a Job

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

February 15, 2024

Finding the right talent is crucial for the growth and success of any company., one of India’s leading job portals, provides an excellent platform for employers to connect with potential candidates. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of posting a job on Naukri effectively.

Create an Employer Account

Creating an employer account on is a straightforward process that connects employers with a vast pool of potential employees. To begin, visit the website and locate the “Employer Zone” section. Here, you will find an option to register as a new employer. Click on “Sign Up” to start the registration process.

You will be prompted to provide basic company details such as the company name, industry type, contact information, and office location. It’s essential to fill in these details accurately to ensure that job seekers can find your organization and gain a clear understanding of what it offers.

After submitting your company information, you’ll need to create login credentials. Choose a username and a strong password for account security. Once the account is set up, you can access the employer dashboard.

In the dashboard, you have the ability to post new job openings, track applications, search for candidates using a vast resume database, and manage responses. Naukri also provides various tools and services to enhance your recruitment process, including job posting analytics, branded company pages, and recruitment branding solutions.

Upon completion of these steps, your employer account is ready to use. You can now effectively manage your recruitment needs and source the best talent through’s extensive platform.

Understand the Dashboard

Understanding the Dashboard on is essential for efficiently managing your job search. The dashboard serves as your personal command center where you can quickly access various features and track your job application activities. Upon logging in, you’ll see a snapshot of your profile’s visibility to recruiters and any new job recommendations.

The dashboard allows you to update your profile, making it more attractive to potential employers. You can review the number of times your profile has been viewed and the number of times you’ve appeared in search results, which can give insights into how well your resume is performing.

Job alerts are neatly organized, allowing you to respond promptly to relevant opportunities. Additionally, you have a mailbox where you can manage correspondence with employers, including interview invitations and job offers.

The Naukri dashboard also offers resources for improving your job search, such as access to skill-building courses and professional resume writing services. In essence, it’s a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your job hunting process and enhance your prospects.

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Crafting Your Job Posting

Crafting an effective job posting on Naukri, one of India’s largest job boards, requires a strategic approach to attract the right candidates. Begin with a precise and engaging job title. This is the first thing job seekers will see, so make sure it accurately reflects the role and includes keywords that potential candidates might use in their search.

Next, provide a clear and concise company description. Highlight your organization’s mission, culture, and any accolades that make you stand out as an employer. This helps set the stage for the type of work environment applicants can expect and aligns with job seekers whose values match your own.

In the job description, be specific about the role’s responsibilities. Detail the daily tasks and long-term objectives, so candidates can gauge whether their skills and interests align with the job. Use bullet points for readability and to emphasize key points.

Qualification requirements are a critical part of the posting. Clearly outline necessary education, skills, and experience, distinguishing between must-haves and nice-to-haves. This helps filter out unqualified candidates and sets clear expectations.

Salary and benefits play a significant role in attracting top talent. If possible, include a salary range and describe the benefits package, including any unique perks that differentiate your company.

Location is another important detail. Specify the work location and note if there are remote work options, as this can significantly impact an applicant’s decision to apply.

End your posting with a strong call to action. Direct applicants clearly on how to apply, what documents to submit, and any application deadlines.

Lastly, optimize your job posting for search by incorporating relevant keywords that potential candidates might use when looking for jobs on Naukri. This enhances the visibility of your posting in search results.

By focusing on these key elements, your job posting on Naukri will be well-positioned to attract the best candidates for your open position.

Posting the Job using Naukri

Posting a job on, a prominent job portal in India, begins with employers registering on the site. They need to create an account by providing company details, which are typically verified to maintain the authenticity of the portal. Once registration is complete, employers can access their dashboard to post new job openings.

The process of posting a job is straightforward and user-friendly. Employers must click on the ‘Post a Job’ link and fill out the job posting form. This includes details like job title, description, location, experience required, salary range, industry type, and functional area. A well-drafted job description is crucial as it attracts the right candidates. It should clearly mention the responsibilities, skills required, qualifications needed, and any other expectations from potential employees.

Naukri also offers various customization options for job postings. Employers can add screening questions to filter applicants or choose to keep the job posting confidential if they do not wish to disclose company details. The portal’s algorithm then matches the job posting with suitable candidates from its extensive database.

Once the job is posted, applications start coming in through the Naukri portal. Employers can track and manage these applications using their dashboard. They have the option to sort and filter applications, schedule interviews, and send automated emails to candidates.

To increase visibility, Naukri provides premium services like ‘Hot Vacancy’ or ‘Job Flash’, which promote the job post to a broader audience. Employers have access to analytics that help them understand the performance of their job post, enabling them to make informed decisions about their recruitment strategies.

Managing Responses

As applications come in, managing them efficiently is key:

Use the Response Manager

The Response Manager tool helps you categorize and respond to candidates.

Set Filters

Apply filters to sort through applications based on criteria like experience, location, and qualifications.

Schedule Interviews

Use Naukri’s interface to schedule interviews with promising candidates.

Searching for Candidates

In addition to posting jobs, actively searching for candidates can be beneficial:

  1. Use Resume Database Access (RDA): With RDA, search for candidates using various filters.
  2. Send Emails: Reach out to potential candidates via personalized emails.
  3. Use Naukri’s RMS: The Recruitment Management System can streamline your candidate search process.

Tips for Effective Job Posts using Naukri

Crafting an effective job post on Naukri, one of India’s leading job boards, is crucial for attracting the right candidates. Start with a clear, concise job title that accurately reflects the role. Avoid jargon and be specific; for example, “Senior Java Developer” is better than “Software Engineer.”

The job description should be detailed yet succinct. Begin with an overview of your company, highlighting your culture and values. Follow this with a precise list of responsibilities and expectations from the candidate. Use bullet points for readability.

List the required qualifications, including education, experience, and technical skills. However, differentiate between ‘must-have’ and ‘nice-to-have’ qualifications to widen your applicant pool without compromising on quality.

Salary and benefits are often key motivators; if possible, provide a range to maintain transparency. Location is also important – specify whether the role is remote, hybrid, or office-based.

Use keywords relevant to the role and industry. This will ensure your job post is easily discoverable by candidates using search functions.

Lastly, include a clear call to action. Guide prospective applicants on how to apply and what to expect in the recruitment process. The application process should be as straightforward as possible to encourage more applicants.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while posting job

When posting a job on Naukri, employers should be mindful of common mistakes to optimize their listings for potential candidates:

  1. Vague Job Titles: Avoid overly broad or jargon-filled titles. Instead, use clear and precise titles that accurately reflect the role.
  2. Incomplete Job Descriptions: A detailed description is crucial. Specify the role’s responsibilities, required qualifications, skills, and experience.
  3. Neglecting Keywords: Use relevant keywords that potential candidates might use in their job search to ensure your listing is easily discoverable.
  4. Ignoring Company Profile: Ensure your company profile is complete and updated; it adds credibility and attracts more applicants.
  5. Unrealistic Expectations: Setting requirements that are too high can deter suitable candidates. Balance must-have skills with nice-to-haves.
  6. Poorly Defined Application Process: Clarify the application steps. Confusing processes can lead to a drop in applications.
  7. Lack of Contact Information: Provide a point of contact for queries. This transparency can increase the number of applicants.
  8. Ignoring Salary Range: Mentioning the salary range can filter applicants and attract the right talent.
  9. Not Highlighting Company Culture: Showcase what makes your company unique to attract candidates who fit your corporate culture.

Avoiding these mistakes can significantly improve the quality and quantity of applicants for your job postings on Naukri.

Finding Naukri in India can be daunting task for many applicants. But when the jobs posted are clear and specific, hiring can be lot easier for employers using Naukri.


Using Naukri to post a job is straightforward once you understand the process. By creating an informative job post and managing applications effectively, you can attract the right talent for your organization. Remember to use Naukri’s features to their full potential and keep refining your approach based on applicant feedback and analytics. With these steps in mind, you’re well on your way to successful recruitment on India’s largest job-seeking platform.

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