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Jobs With Top 15 Jewelry Brands In Europe

Posted by Satya | March 19, 2021

European jewelry has a rich heritage of goldsmithing with numerous jewelry districts dotted around the UK. Even though there are many designers and brands out there, we looked at their creative philosophies, heritage, materials, prices and what makes them unique and brought to you the best of them all. 

Taylor & Hart

Earlier known as Rare Pink, Taylor & Hart rebranded in 2016 and established themselves as one of the top jewelry brands in the UK. They’re known for their high-quality bespoke jewelry services, specializing in engagement and wedding rings but also offering a high-quality range of fine jewelry pieces.

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader may be a British luxury jewelry brand that celebrates individuality. The jewellery style is contemporary and designed to be stacked and personalized with your own engravings. Monica Vinader jewellery is a favorite of celebrities including Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Links of London

The brand was founded in 1990 and rocketed to fame with their sterling silver sweetie bracelets. Links of London had created the last word charm bracelet with many charms to settle on from meaning that no two bracelets were alike. This smart mixture of collectables and individuals brought the United Kingdom jewelry scene to life, especially on British main streets . More people were interested in affordable sterling silver pieces rather than cheap costume pieces or expensive precious metals.

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe's jewelry is synonymous with British style as his pieces are delicate, quirky and feminine. Alex launched his first collection in 1987 and is now based in the wilds of Suffolk, in the south of England, where each piece of jewellery is handmade by Alex and his team.


Boodles jewelry has had a very different beginning to most jewelry brands. No other fine jewelry brand started their story in Liverpool or has been directed by the same family for over two hundred years. Boodles fine jewellery features diamonds and pearls as well as other precious stones. Their craftsmen are continually exploring technical boundaries with hidden details, asymmetric design, elegant settings and immense precision.

Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine was started in 1999 by founders Harriet and Rosie; they soon gained a huge cult following with fans they still have almost 20 years later. Tatty Devine jewelry is an original and fun statement piece made from Perspex. We love that every piece is handmade but at such affordable prices.

Alongside their classic pieces, they have also worked on many collaborations with artists, designers and charitable institutions. Their most up-to-date one celebrates 100 years of Women's Voting rights within the UK.


Although Pandora is a Danish brand, it is one of the most prevalent jewelry brands in the UK. The brand was founded in 1982 but didn't open the primary store within the UK until 2005. The iconic charm bracelets took the United Kingdom by storm and shortly most girls were wearing the famous snake chain bracelets with the beautifully named "Moments" charms.


Swarovski is another jewlery brand that started its roots in Europe but has become one of the most popular jewellery brands in the UK. Initially founded in Austria and famous for their Swarovski Crystal figurines later they would capture the jewelry market with "Diamonds for All" offering affordable crystal jewelry in beautiful classic designs. Some of the foremost famous pieces include the Nirvana ring and therefore the Slake bracelet.

Astley Clarke

Founded in 2007, Astley Clarke jewelry was initially an online jewelry boutique, but their creations were so popular that they reopened as their own brand. Quality fine jewelry for the modern woman is the core philosophy of the brand's identity.

Symbology and colour have played an important part of the brands look. We love their striking biography bracelets which are available a mess of colors with symbol charms and vibrant gemstones.

Great Frog

Great Frog is another British jewelry brand with a long heritage. In fact, they have been hand making their jewelry in Soho, London since 1972.

Their jewelry has a real rock and roll style, with large chunky silver and steel rings with skull motifs. They have always offered a cool alternative to mainstream jewelry catering to the emerging subcultures of heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, rockers, punks and bikers.

Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane jewelry was born at the bench in London’s renowned jewelry district, Hatton Garden. Since the age of 15, Shaun Leane apprenticed within the most beautiful techniques of traditional craftsmanship. Later he would go on to collaborate with long-term friend Alexander McQueen and launch his own jewelry collection in 1999.


Missoma Jewelry is a British designer jewelry brand that creates the perfect everyday pieces. Marisa Hordern, the founder and Creative Director, who started collecting gemstones when she was 5 years old, still travels to India to source the gemstones which are the inspiration behind most of her collections. Their jewelry is delicate yet distinctive and combines semi-precious gemstones set in 18ct gold vermeil. The result is jewelry that is refined but comes with a playfulness.

Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster is a London based luxury jewelry brand with cutting-edge designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Stephen started his jewelry journey in London's Hatton Garden where he began an apprenticeship at the age of 16 and learned traditional goldsmithing.

Van Cleef Arpels

The eponymous French label was founded by Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels in 1896. Originally based in France, the jewellery brand still maintains Old World elegance in their exquisite pieces aside from designing avant garde pieces.

This prestigious French jeweler is worldwide popular for its adroitness in using precious stones and groundbreaking gem-setting techniques. They are known for inducing the Mystery Setting – a process that permits maximum exposure to the gemstone.


Buccellati, the Italian luxury brand is understood for the impeccable quality of their gold ornaments. True to their heritage, the high-end jewelry company adheres to Roman styles, which may be pretty visible in their collection of cuff bracelets. The brand reinterprets their master-pieces through lacy carvings so as to make them look soft from a far.

The brand is also famed for brushing and mattifying metals, whilst mixing silver and gold for texture and light enhancement.


The brand mostly deals with huge diamonds, as the founder has himself claimed that his company is always in a bid to meet the demands of bigger stones by the clients.

You can go through some of their masterpieces in their famous coffee table book – The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World.


Initially, the jewelry brand started making high-end watches that immediately became popular among the elite class in Europe. They soon expanded their business to fine jewelry and since they have been considered as one of the world’s top jewelry making companies for their exclusive designs, evoking Old Hollywood sophistication and fantasy gardens.


This Italian luxury jewellery brand is famous for colored gemstones, especially sapphires mixed in unique formats. Some of Bvlgari’s hallmark ornaments are encrusted with cabochon stones in bold shapes and vibrant colors. The brand is famous for designing Italian staples including cuffs, chokers, bangles, and necklaces. They are famed for using the finest gems along-with 18 carats of gold for their elite clients.


The Geneva-based luxury jewelry brand was established in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and today has a network of more than 100 stores across the globe. This brand is counted among the most luxury jewelry brands in the world and is famous for jewelries and watches alike.

Some of their most ritzy time-pieces are set up with trademark modus operandi, as a sign of the brand’s position in the market.

So, now as you have gained enough knowledge about the various highly popular jewelry brands in Europe, now let us get started and know how to find jobs in the jewelry industry.

Positions and Duties:

Retail sales associate and cashier positions often need filled in jewelry stores, particularly in larger chains. The positions typically remain more accessible to entry-level workers than other jobs within the same trade. Jewelry retailers carry an outsized amount of highly valuable and desirable merchandise, numerous locations also employ security personnel to make sure order and stop theft from occurring on site. Jewelers design, examine, grade, and repair jewelry. Precious stones workers usually bear the bulk of responsibility for the continuing profitability of every jewelry establishment. Some hold full or partial ownership of the shop.

Job Requirements:

Retail job hopefuls should ideally bring previous experience in retail service to the table. Potential security guards got to possess physical strength, discipline, and attentiveness to remain alert at work. Nearly all jewelry dealer positions require only a high school diploma or the equivalent. However, jewelers frequently must undergo extensive on-the-job training to perfect the cutting and analysis of gems and metals. Generally, only applicants 18 years aged or older may gain employment, especially for the jeweler and security positions.

Jewelry Industry:

Roughly 1,75,000 employees currently add the jewellery field. Demand for boutique and custom jewelry persists, and repair operations usually fare alright as means to form capital, as most of the people like better to repair existing jewellery if possible, as against buying new merchandise. consistent with a 2014 report by McKinsey & Company, global sales within the jewelry industry should still grow by 5% or more and total over $400 billion in annual revenue by 2020.

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Salary and Benefits:

Most jewelers earn about $17.00 hourly, while the median buy security guards stands at $11.55 per hour, consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay rates for retail employees vary but normally hover around $9.50 an hour. Full-time employees enjoy medical and dental coverage, paid day off , and 401(k) savings plans with most distinguished jewelry companies.

Common jewelry dealer job descriptions

Sales Associate
Friendly and motivated individuals fair well as sales associates because the profession requires commitment to customer service and avid sales abilities. Interested candidates usually must stand a minimum of 18 years aged to figure as an associate in jewelry stores because the competitive sales component and overall environment generally doesn't suit younger individuals. People chosen for hire receive extensive on the work training, so no previous experience remains required; however, applicants conversant in the work may receive preferential consideration. Training consists of becoming conversant in different cuts and designs of gem, also because the various benefits and deals the shop regularly offers so as to debate options in-depth with customers. Sales associates often maintain responsibility for sales quotas, which help stores meet corporate-set monthly goals. Individuals employed as sales representatives can make anywhere from wage to $15.00 an hour. Full-time associates stand eligible for generous benefits packages.

Management - Liable for the graceful operation of store locations, individuals curious about managerial positions must possess several years of experience and therefore the ability to stay organized. Regular duties include hiring a cohesive team of associates, ensuring individuals and therefore the store continually meet sales goals, working closely with customers to ensure overall satisfaction with the shop, addressing customer complaints, and firing any employees not upholding company-enforced responsibilities. Additionally, managers oversee the training of latest hires so as to certify that sales associates have the right knowledge and tools to serve the purchasers and therefore the company. Interested prospects should hold either a two- or four-year degree in finance or business. jewellery dealer managers earn between $35,000 and $70,000 per annum.

Jeweler - Creative individuals with nimble hands obtain the advantage as jewelers. Jewelry stores often employ in-house jewelers to style and make new pieces, clean and polish the merchandise, repair jewellery, and examine and determine the worth of gems. While many jewelers learn the practice through hands-on job experience, certificates denoting completion of vocational school programs may prioritize certain individuals for hire. Jewelers make a mean annual salary of $35,000.

If you want to start a jewellery business of your own, then here are some tips for you on how to start a jewelry business.

1. Try things out ! one among the primary belongings you might want to think about is to start out with a course. But if you're like me, you would possibly want to undertake out various positions within the jewellery business, before choosing a particular education. i'm not in the least opposing to a correct education, before starting, if you recognize already which way you'd wish to go. Really, you ought to choose it! But there's such a lot to mention for just trying things out then make a more informed decision. So, go on, try different jobs!

2. Read ! Today’s world is so different than once I began . Blogs, websites and Google are just all a click away, even 10 minutes within the bus, are often an excellent time to try to to some research. Read a blog, read different blogs! There are tons of blogs to settle on from. Everyone has not only their own style, with a special background and approach to the jewellery world. From very formal to very informal. From a fashion angle to a gemstone loving approach. Read and learn! attend websites that inform about jewelry. There are many great ones!

3. Seek a mentor. i'm the primary to admit that I didn't do this , and that i regret it! i'm , still today, terrible at asking help, whilst I tell others that they ought to never feel embarrassed to try to to so!. and that i am still performing on that, but I understand the worth of an honest mentor at any age! Someone who possibly may be a little older than you, has experience in life and within the business and is willing to be a mentor. Learning from others saves you tons of time! attempt to ask, you'll probably be surprised what percentage feel not just flattered but happy to share and provides back to people with an equivalent passion!

4. Raise your standards . Say you've got made it. a jewellery store offered you a job! That’s great! Allow yourself to urge comfortable with jewellery, with lockets, with the fabric , with traveling clients with jewellery. Once you begin to urge the hang of it, it’s time to boost your standard. Observe what you'll improve, every single day. Your attitude? Your knowledge about gemstones? Is there something that isn’t a part of your description but that you simply can take on? Could you are doing social media for the shop or brand? Could you add value to your service, to your approach every single day? Then choose it. you'll see that it'll not only make your boss very happy but it'll bring you an excellent sense of fulfillment. We all want to be appreciated and feeling fulfilled in what we do. We rarely get that by not developing our own knowledge, skills, habits and character.

5. Visit trade fairs . Visit a trade fair! you'll see more jewelry than you'll ever dream of if you visit JCK, VicenzaOro, Basel World, Inhorgenta or one among the opposite bigger jewellery trade fairs, but it’s also the right opportunity to concentrate , to travel out and meet people, invite opinions, advice or simply hear people’s story. Whilst walking around, you’ll see very different brands. What does one like? Why does one like it? What are you able to learn from window displays, the approach to clients, does one spot trends? Buy the magazines, ask people, look and really observe then listen, listen and listen some more!

6. Education. Now it's time to speak about education. Perhaps you've got acknowledged that you simply simply love gemstones such a lot that you want to become a gemmologist. otherwise you know that you simply want to finish up working for a corporation that needs the knowledge of a gemmologist. Perhaps you discovered to possess a billboard talent for this business. the chances are endless, but there are schools of management or entrepreneurship that specialise in the style or luxury business, just like the Essec graduate school , the Bocconi Institute and lots of more. Be bold and ask companies that you simply admire or like to work for, what quite education they might recommend.

If you are looking for job opportunities in top brands of jewellery industry, explore here!

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