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Gemology Courses


What is a gemology course?

The study of precious metals and gems is called gemology. It can also be described as the art of finding, grading, evaluating, and processing gemstones in great demand generally across the world.

Bachelor of Science (BSc Gemology)

About Gemology Courses

The study of precious metals and gems is called gemology. The art of finding, grading, evaluating, and processing gemstones is in great demand globally. You will get knowledge about the way these materials develop in the depths of the earth and changes in the constitution of different stones like coloring, occurrence, and identification. Technical and modern techniques of ornamental designing are also part of the course. You can pursue Bachelor, Master, Diploma, and certificate courses in Gemology.

List of Gemology Courses

Universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate Gemology courses. There are also various diploma and certificate Gemology courses available in the field listed below:

  • Diploma Gemology Courses
  • Diploma in Diamond Processing
  • Diploma in Diamond Trade Management
  • Certificate Gemology Courses
  • Certificate Gemology course in colored gemstone cutting and polishing
  • Certificate Gemology course in grading, cutting, polishing, and bruting
  • Certificate Gemology course in hard shape grooving
  • Certificate Gemology course in an International system of diamond grading
  • Certificate Gemology course in planning and marketing
  • Gemology Courses in jewelry design and machine-cast jewelry
  • Easy Gemology– Fundamental of Gemology
  • Online Gemology Courses – Distance Learning

How many years does it take to become a gemologist?

The time for becoming a gemologist would be about several months which you can take a diploma or certificate course. Otherwise, undergraduate and postgraduate gemology courses take up to 1- 3 years to complete.

Gemology Courses Syllabus

Gemology is not a traditional regular degree with boring subjects, it involves more practical learning than theoretical studies. Students are always intrigued to know about the subjects. We have listed down all the topics that will help you understand the concept and theory of gemology courses:

  • Stimulants of Gem
  • Physical Properties of Gem
  • Introduction of Gems
  • Identification & Mining of Gem
  • Fashioning of Gemstones
  • Chemical Composition & Crystallography of Gemstones
  • Synthetic Gem and Identification
  • Imitation gemstones & plastics
  • Individual stones & their stimulants
  • Basic knowledge of Techniques employed in Gemological Laboratories
  • Treatment of Gem and Gem Cutting
  • Quality & Species of Gem
  • Optical Properties of Gem: Optics, Light, and Color
  • Occurrences & Handling of Instruments
  • Marketing of Gem & Applications in Gemology
  • Inclusions in the Most Important Gemstones
  • History of Jewellery Cost-based designing & Historical designing


The candidates who are interested in gemology courses have to fulfill the eligibility requirements given below:

For Bachelor or diploma courses the candidate should have passed the class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board with at least about 50% aggregate marks.
For Postgraduate courses, the candidate should have a graduation degree from a recognized university.
The candidate should be at least 18 years and above to be able to study gemology. There is no upper limit on the age requirement.
The eligibility criteria also depend on the college you apply to and the candidate has to fulfill these criteria as well for admission.

Top 10 Colleges in India for Gemology Courses

Selecting the best college for pursuing gemology courses can be a little difficult because of the number of institutions offering the course. We have listed down the top 10 Colleges in India for Gemology Courses

Other Prominent Colleges in India

Top 10 Colleges for Gemology Courses Abroad

Job Profiles and Salary Structure

A career after studying Gemology courses can be quite lucrative and has a lot of scope. Even the salary is quite good when you get your ideas and designs out there in the world. The starting salary is around Rs. 2 – 5 lakhs per year but there is scope for immense growth in the salary once you gain more experience in your specialized field. The highly qualified and experienced gemologists may earn up to Rs. 5 – 10 lakhs per year. People can work professionally as a freelancer or with jewelry houses but there are other options as well for gemologists which are given below :

  • Diamond Grader
  • Engravers
  • Gem Assorting
  • Gem Polishers
  • Gemologist
  • Gemstone Auction Manager
  • Graphics Operator
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Stone Setter

Top Recruiters

The actors work in a studio, and doctors in hospitals but where do graduates from gemology courses work? You can work in Art auction houses, gem exporting companies, testing laboratories, jewellery business management, manufacturing or product development departments, mining, retail jewellery business, or with any popular jewellery designers. Here are the top recruiters for gemology courses graduates:

What is a gemologist’s job?

The job of a gemologist includes a lot of things like finding, grading, evaluating, and processing gemstones, and much more. We have explained all this in detail above so you can read it and understand what a gemologist’s job contains.

How do I become a certified gemologist?

You can do gemology courses at the undergraduate or graduate level or you can also choose to pursue a diploma or certificate course in gemology which would get you a certified degree along with good credentials to become a gemologist.

Do gemologists make good money?

Yes, gemologists make good money since the starting salary ranges between 2 – 5 lakhs and once you get more experience and specialization it may increase up to 5 – 10 lakhs per year.

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