List of Jewellery Design Courses and Colleges in India

Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta

August 28, 2022

Are you passionate about jewellery design and looking to pursue it as a career? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of jewellery design courses and colleges in India. Discover the top institutes offering specialized programs to help you hone your skills and unleash your creativity. India has various jewellery design courses and colleges in India. Below listed are some of the famous colleges with jewellery design courses.

GLS Institute of Design

GLS Institute of Design is a prominent institute under GLS University, Ahmedabad. They offering jewellery design courses related to various creative fields. The Institute of Design offers a 4-year Bachelor of Design Program and 5-year Integrated Masters of Jewellery Design Courses Program. It comes with specialization in the areas of product, environment, communication & fashion jewellery design.


NIFT, which stands for the National Institute of Fashion Technology, is a prestigious institute in India that offers various courses in the field of fashion and design. One of the popular courses offered by NIFT is Jewellery Design.

The Jewellery Design course at NIFT provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the art and science behind creating exquisite jewellery pieces. The curriculum covers various aspects of jewellery design, including conceptualization, sketching, material selection, and manufacturing techniques.

Jewellery Design Courses

Students enrolling in the Jewellery Design course at NIFT is being expose to both traditional and contemporary jewellery design practices. They are encouraged to experiment with different materials, techniques, and styles to develop their unique artistic vision. The course also emphasizes the importance of market research and understanding consumer preferences to create commercially viable jewellery designs.

NIFT provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped labs to facilitate practical learning. Students have access to workshops, design studios, and computer-aided design (CAD) facilities to enhance their skills in jewellery designing. The institute also invites industry experts and renowned jewellery designers as guest faculty to share their knowledge and experiences with the students.

Upon completion of the Jewellery Design course at NIFT, students have a wide range of career opportunities. They can work as jewellery designers, design consultants, or start their own jewellery brands. The course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the competitive jewellery industry.

Overall, NIFT’s Jewellery Design course provides aspiring designers with an excellent platform to learn and develop their creativity and technical skills in the field of jewellery design.


IIFA Lancaster College, BangaloreIndian Institute of Fashion and Animation, Bangalore is a part of the LANCASTER Group of Institutions, which was established in the year 1991 with the motto of Faith, Commitment & Empowerment.
The main objective of IIFA Multimedia is to empower the young minds of society with knowledge, skill, and values so that they become the leaders and torch bearers of tomorrow.

The Jewellery Design Courses College is located in the heart of Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore, and in Heritage city- Mysore. The students here are trained in all aspects of life leading to an all-around development and becoming exceptional professionals in their chosen field of specialization.

Pearl Academy Rajouri Garden

Pearl Academy of Jewellery Design CoursesIt is the best Design Institute in India, as per ASSOCHAM in 2016-2022. Also, voted as the No.1 Fashion College in India (India Today, Outlook, The Week, 2021). The college has been excellent in Creativity and Performing Arts. It is being No. 1 for Innovation in Creative Education(Adobe Education Leaders Summit 2020).

Arch College of Business & Design

ARCH College of Jewellery Design CoursesIn 2000 under the aegis of the ARCH Educational Society, ARCH came into existence. It is to reform & transform the quality of education for design aspirants across the globe. They are spread across 80,000 sq feet in the heart of the Pink City- Jaipur. ARCH is equipped with cutting-edge technology and online pedagogical infrastructure. It is to offer students premium education and learning experiences!

The college offers a wide gamut of industry-oriented courses of international standards with university certification. Experienced faculty members are involved in the development of the curriculum. This is to ensure that these courses offer the perfect combination of practical & theoretical skills, with the latest techniques, processes. The peer learning supported by an understanding of the socio-cultural context & industry needs.

ARCH is a center of excellence in providing the most creative learning environment. The college is all about resilience, of starting difficult and worthwhile conversations all through – a convergence of consciousness, creativity, and community. Additionally, in strategic partnership with Pearson, ARCH is accredited to deliver six BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art and Design.

Vogue Institute of Art and Design

 Vogue India Jewellery Design CoursesSince its inception in the year 1996, the Vogue Institute of Art & Design has traveled an illustrious journey. It is thriving on its initial objective and promise of imparting Industry Specific education to today’s youth. The institution is one of the top fashion designing college in India. It has been focusing on providing training that promotes employable skills, and enhances social relevance.

Vogue Institute of Art & Design’s new campus is an architecture and jewellery design course marvel. It is built with state-of-the-art post-modern amenities. It is located in the elite Apparel Park, a revered and prime project of the Karnataka Government, housing approximately 75 textile and apparel giants. The institution provides industry exposure, along with technical and practical field knowledge with assured placements.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology

1-year diploma in Interior Design | JD Institute, Bangalore, IndiaAn academic division of JD Educational Trust and JD Image Promotions Ltd, JD Institute has been a pioneer in the field of ‘Art and Design Education in India. In 1988,  Mr. Chandrakant Dalal (President) and Mr. R. C. Dalal (Executive Director & Co-Founder has been instrumental in creating the institution in Mumbai.

As an Institution, JD prides itself in providing the most innovative and advanced courses in Fashion, Interior Design, Jewelry Design. Also it offers Fashion Communication, Visual Merchandising, Make-Up Artistry, Vaastu Shastra, Pattern Making Technology, Apparel Boutique Management. Course creation comes in the form of  extremely imaginative, experimental and supportive environment guided by the eminent experts.

It is a platform igniting the student’s true potential and intelligence. They can be irrespective of whether the students are already aware of it or waiting to be discovered. This is in order for them to metamorphose into the confident, adaptive, best versions of themselves to fearlessly step into the ever-changing World of Design.

Neewara Academy of Design

Neewara Academy Of Design, Bani Park - Computer Training Institutes in Jaipur - JustdialNeewara Academy is the first Design Academy in Jaipur with international standards and facilities. Its quality standards are at par with the best in Jaipur. The Academy is committing to excellence and professionalism. Our focus is on Internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability, catering to the needs of the Design, Fashion, Interior, Textile Business, and Retail Industries.

The jewellery design industry is humongous and the future beholds a very competitive market led by the adoption of superior technology, business organization on a larger scale of operation, and inter-play of business strategies. Thus we have evolved courses according to the needs of this versatile industry to develop the required skills of our students.

We will help you to balance the acquisition of technical skills, creative expression, and the development of critical insight so that you can find your own voice and visual language to enable you to realize your ideas. We have high standards with a robust but positive and critical approach. We’re a warm energetic community of artists with a supportive environment where we’ll nurture you whilst constantly challenging and stretching you to become the best designer you can be.

Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile

GIFTStarting on 5th October 1995,  G.I.F.T is also  as Gandhi Institute Of Fashion and Textile. The purpose is to create a platform for all those people who wish to learn fashion, textile, home fashion interior, and jewellery design courses. It comes  with no barrier to education background or language.

Named after MAHATMA GANDHIJI, GIFT is a follower of Guru Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, and Prophet Mohd Saheb. This  works with the ideology of sharing and imparting 100% practical knowledge to learners individually.

GIFT believes in honesty, simplicity, tolerance, and meaningful result-oriented teaching like GURUKUL of the Old Golden Ages where 14-year to 52-year-old people can learn freely. GIFT provides a one-year Diploma Power jewellery design courses syllabus in detail to each learner before joining.

Apeejay Institute of Design

AID: Jewellery Designing CoursesStarted in September 1991,  this exclusive Institution came to existence due to  “Rajeshwari Sangeet Academy Trust, Jalandhar” . It is to mold the institute into “A Premier Design Institute of the Country” . Their mission is to nurture and promote “Art, Culture and Design”.

The Institute today has lived up to its reputation. By spreading its name in the International arena as well as within the Country. It has attracted students from all over the World. Professionals who have received High Accolades for the quality of Jewellery Design Education and Training. It has become a Brand of its own today in the area of Jewellery Design courses Education.


The blog topic  provides a comprehensive overview of the various courses and colleges available for aspiring jewellery designers in India. The list includes renowned institutes and universities that offer specialized courses in jewellery design, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this creative field.

By presenting a wide range of options, the blog serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in pursuing a career in jewellery design. Whether one is looking for undergraduate or postgraduate programs, this list offers a starting point for prospective students to explore their options and make informed decisions about their education and future career paths.

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