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The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

February 05, 2024

The luxury sector is a domain of the business world synonymous with exclusivity, sophistication, and opulence. This industry is going through high growth and expansion phase. The demand for adept professionals who can navigate the complexities of luxury brands continues to surge.

Recognizing this need, numerous top-tier universities across the globe have crafted specialized Luxury Management Programs .These programs help the brands in identifying the next generation of luxury brand stewards. In this article, we will discover some of the most prestigious institutions offering these programs.

SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

SDA Bocconi School of Management is located in the heart of Milan, Italy. It is is widely famous as a leading institution for higher education. The school is famous for its Luxury Management Program. It provides a unique blend of managerial training and industry insights that cater to the evolving needs of the luxury sector. The program is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of the complexities and dynamics of luxury goods and services. It ranges from fashion and jewelry to hospitality and experiences.

The curriculum at SDA Bocconi is carefully curated to balance theoretical knowledge with practical application. Students engage in a rigorous study of market trends, consumer behavior, brand management, and digital innovation within the luxury context. The faculty comprises experienced professionals and academics who bring a wealth of expertise and an international perspective to the classroom.

Moreover, the school’s strategic location in Milan, a global fashion and design capital, offers students unparalleled access to a network of industry leaders and opportunities for internships and collaborations. SDA Bocconi also boasts strong connections with some of the most prestigious luxury brands, providing students with the chance to work on real-world projects and gain firsthand experience in the field.

Italy is famous for Luxury Jewelry Brands.  Bvlgari, Buccelati and many leading brands tap MBAs from SDA for their management positions.

The Luxury Management Program at SDA Bocconi is an immersive experience that prepares its graduates to become the next generation of leaders in the luxury industry, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and an international approach to business.

Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC - MBAGRADSCHOOLS

ESSEC Business School, France

ESSEC Business School, located in France, has established itself as a leading institution in luxury management education through its MBA in International Luxury Brand Management. This specialized program, offered at ESSEC’s Cergy campus near Paris, is designed for those aspiring to enter the high-end market sector. With a rich history dating back to 1907, ESSEC combines academic excellence with a practical approach to learning, drawing on its strategic location in one of the world’s luxury capitals.

The curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover all facets of luxury management, including brand strategy, product development, and customer experience. Students gain insights from seasoned industry experts and participate in hands-on projects with prestigious luxury brands. ESSEC’s strong corporate relationships enable access to an extensive network of alumni and professionals within the luxury sector, which is critical for career development and opportunities.

The MBA program also includes field trips to luxury hubs and workshops. This is allowing students to immerse themselves in the ecosystem of luxury brands. This experiential learning approach ensures graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills. These are required to meet the demands of this exclusive industry.

ESSEC’s reputation for excellence in luxury management education is further underscored by its global outreach, with campuses and partnerships extending to strategic locations such as Singapore and Morocco, providing a broad international perspective on the luxury market.

London Business School, UK

London Business School (LBS) is a global leader in business education, renowned for its rigorous academic programs that blend cutting-edge research with practical applications. Among its elite offerings is the Luxury Management Program, designed to equip ambitious professionals with the expertise to drive innovation and success in the high-end market sector. This specialized curriculum focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities within the luxury industry, offering insights into branding, customer experience, and digital transformation.

Participants benefit from LBS’s strong connections with leading luxury brands and industry experts, providing an unmatched platform for networking and career advancement. The program combines interactive sessions, case studies, and on-site visits, allowing students to gain a comprehensive understanding of luxury business dynamics.

Furthermore, London’s status as a global fashion and luxury hub enhances the learning experience, granting students direct exposure to the heart of the industry. The Luxury Management Program at LBS is a gateway to mastering the artistry of luxury and steering iconic brands towards future triumphs.

New York University (NYU) Stern, USA

New York University’s Stern School of Business offers an exceptional Luxury Management Program, tailored for those aspiring to lead in the high-end market sector. This program equips students with a deep understanding of luxury branding, marketing, and international business strategies.

Stern’s prime location in Manhattan provides direct access to industry leaders and iconic luxury brands, enabling invaluable real-world experience and networking opportunities. Expert Faculty with extensive industry connections set up the curriculum, ensuring a blend of academic rigor and practical insights. Graduates emerge as innovative leaders, ready to excel in the dynamic and competitive world of luxury management.

HEC Paris, France

HEC Paris stands as a premier institution, renowned for its Luxury Management Program. The program is tailored for those aiming to ascend the ranks of high-end brand management, offering a deep dive into the nuances of luxury markets. Students engage with top-tier faculty and industry leaders, gaining insights into the sophisticated strategies that define luxury brands’ success.

The curriculum blends rigorous academic theory with practical applications, ensuring graduates emerge with a robust understanding of both the art and science behind luxury business operations. Collaboration with iconic luxury houses provides real-world exposure, while Paris, a global luxury capital, serves as an incomparable backdrop, enriching the educational experience with its rich cultural heritage in fashion, jewelry, and fine craftsmanship. HEC Paris’ Luxury Management Program shapes future leaders poised to innovate in the ever-evolving luxury sector.

IE Business School, Spain

IE Business School in Spain is a prestigious institution famous for its innovative approach to education. Its Luxury Management Program stands out, designed for those aiming to lead in the high-end market. The curriculum is comprehensive, blending core business skills with luxury brand management insights. Industry experts and seasoned faculty guide students, ensuring real-world applicability.

The program emphasizes global trends, sustainability, and digital transformation within the luxury sector. Networking opportunities abound, with access to exclusive events and partnerships with leading luxury brands. Graduates leave well-equipped to navigate the complexities of luxury markets and drive growth in this dynamic industry.

Polimoda, Italy

Polimoda in Florence, Italy, is a prestigious fashion institute famous for its comprehensive Luxury Management Program. The curriculum design is to blend creative skills with business acumen, preparing students to excel in the high-end market sector. The program offers a deep dive into luxury brand management, marketing strategies, and consumer behavior.

Students gain insights through case studies, industry projects, and interaction with leading professionals. Situated in the heart of Tuscany, a region synonymous with luxury craftsmanship and heritage brands, Polimoda provides an inspiring backdrop for students to develop a keen understanding of luxury aesthetics, quality, and excellence in service.

SUP de LUXE, France

SUP de LUXE, established in 1990 by Cartier, stands as a venerable institution in Paris, specializing in luxury management education. It offers a unique curriculum designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the luxury sector. The programs, taught by industry experts and seasoned professionals, blend theoretical frameworks with real-world insights.

Graduates from SUP de LUXE is carrying the popularity for their expertise and readiness to excel in various luxury markets. This  including fashion, jewelry, hospitality, and fine wines. The school’s strong industry connections facilitate valuable internships and networking opportunities. The program prepares students for leadership roles in the luxury domain. SUP de LUXE is recognized for cultivating future pioneers. They shape the evolving landscape of luxury management.

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland stands as a beacon for those aspiring to delve into the luxury management sector. Nestled amidst the panoramas of Montreux, Glion delivers an immersive educational experience. It is  blending time honored hospitality principles with modern luxury business strategies. The school offers Luxury Brand Management specialization, offered within the Master’s in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This is equipping students with crucial insights into high-end markets, consumer behavior, and luxury branding.

Faculty is hailing from industry leading brands and many of the curriculum augmentations continue with real world projects. The program ensures graduates getting the prime education to excel in the global luxury landscape, fostering innovation, leadership skills, and an intricate understanding of luxury dynamics.

EMLYON Business School, France

EMLYON Business School offers an MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing. This allows students to study in three different locations: Lyon, Paris, and either London or New York. This global approach gives students an expansive view of the luxury market. At the same time they can  focus on areas like design thinking and innovative brand strategies.

Parsons School of Design, USA

Parsons School of Design in New York City is famed for its design programs but also offers a Master’s degree in Strategic Design and Management with electives focusing on luxury businesses. This program emphasizes innovation and sustainability within the luxury market.

SKEMA Business School, Global

The School has campuses located in France, Brazil, China, South Africa, and the USA. SKEMA Business School provides a Global Executive MBA with Luxury & Fashion Management expertise. This program is designed for working professionals and covers global strategies specific to the luxury sector.

International University of Monaco (IUM)

IUM offers a Master’s program in Luxury Management. It prepares students for careers in various sectors like yachting, fine wine, fashion, and jewelry. The principality’s lavish setting provides an authentic backdrop for studying luxury management.

Antwerp Management School, Belgium

Antwerp Management School offers an Executive MBA with a focus on fashion and luxury goods management. This program is tailored for middle to senior managers in the fashion and luxury goods industry. It emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. With schools like Antwerp Management, you will get to know the Luxury Retail best practices. Antwerp is world leader in Diamond Industry. Many leading brands hire MBA grads for top notch pay in Luxury Retail Management.

Domus Academy, Italy

Domus Academy in Milan provides a Master’s in Luxury Brand Management that immerses students in the Italian luxury industry. The program is project-based, offering students the opportunity to work directly with luxury brands on real-world business challenges.


These institutions represent the zenith of luxury management education, cultivating future leaders who will shape the luxury brands of tomorrow. Are you someone looking to getting into the splendor of the luxury sector?. These universities offer not just a degree, but a gateway to a world of elegance, tradition, and innovation. These universities offer comprehensive MBA programs, specialized master’s degrees, or executive courses.  Each institution provides a unique pathway to mastering the art of luxury.

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