New York Real Estate License FAQs: Complete Guide

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

April 26, 2024

The real estate industry in New York is thriving and it offers all kinds of opportunities to those who are brave enough to venture into it. However, to get into the industry and practice legally, you need first to get your New York real estate license. 

Are you wondering about how to become a real estate agent in New York? Don’t worry because we are here to help you understand how to get a real estate license in NY.  Whether you’re looking to get into real estate as your first career, want to change careers, or get a part-time job in the field. In this piece, we answer some of your burning questions about NY real estate license.

What are the basic eligibility requirements for a New York real estate license?  

The New York Department of State has set the following as the basic eligibility requirements for people seeking a New York real estate license:

  • Applicants must be not less than 18 years old
  • One must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be holding a current NYS photo driver’s license or a non-driver ID card

In addition to meeting the above requirements, the applicant has to:

  • Have passed an approved 77-hour pre-licensing course
  • Pass the NYS real estate exam
  • Be sponsored by a licensed NY broker
  • Complete and submit an application for a New York real estate license and pay the required fee

How to Get a Real Estate License in New York in 5 Steps | VanEd

What does the real estate exam cover?

As an aspiring real estate agent in the Empire State or even one looking to later get a broker license in NY and set up a real estate brokerage, you need to prepare well and pass the real estate exam. This is a comprehensive test and evaluates if the licensee has studied and understood crucial concepts and topics including NY real estate laws and regulations, practices, ethics, finance, contracts, and other concepts. 

What are some tips that can help to prepare for the real estate exam?

If you want to fast-track the process of getting your New York real estate license by passing the exam on the first attempt, you can consider the following tips:

  • Enroll in a reputable real estate school to take an exam prep course. You can read the article about one of the best pre-licensing courses and consider it.
  • Use a range of study materials to understand the different concepts and prepare well for the exam. Some resources you can use include flash cards to help you remember key ideas, and practice exams to revise and familiarize yourself with the exam questions.
  • Seek assistance from your course instructors, fellow students, and other helpful people.

How can one submit an application for a New York real estate license? 

After passing the NYS real estate exam, you’re ready to apply for your license. The New York Department of State requires applicants to submit their proof of education, exam scores, and other relevant documents. You also need to pay the required fee. The application is reviewed and when it is approved, you will get your New York real estate license. Anyone who wishes to check if a person is a licensed real estate agent can conduct an eAccessNY license search and see the status of the person. 

How can a luxury retailer benefit from working with realtors in NY?

If you’re a luxury Jewelry retail business who needs a property in New York, you can benefit greatly from using the services of realtors. This is because realtors have an in-depth knowledge of the local market, and could offer you valuable insights to help you find the best property. In addition, realtors can help you to negotiate favorable lease terms, and navigate the complex leasing or purchasing processes. 


As an aspiring real estate agent, getting your New York real estate license is crucial in earning the trust and credibility of the players in the industry and practicing as a legally recognized professional in the field. Luckily, this article can help you get answers to some of the questions you may be having, so you can easily pursue your NY real estate license and launch a successful career. 

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