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Picking Your Ride: Golf Carts Or Buggies

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

January 19, 2024

Golf carts or buggies might seem like similar things but they are different. Some people are confused about selecting golf carts or buggies. Each golf cart or buggy has different styles, purposes, and usage.

A golf cart is a small vehicle specially designed for golfers used on golf courses while buggies are broader categories of small vehicles used for fun or leisure purposes. Golf carts are of three types like they are operated on electric golf carts, gas golf carts, or solar-powered. 

Buggies need more power and stability for long drives. They are not only used in golf courses but also used for many outdoor activities. Here we examine the features of both golf carts and buggies.

Golf carts

A golf cart is a small motorized vehicle operated on both electrical and gasoline-powered engines. It is designed to carry golfers to their golf courses with less effort. The first rickshaw-style cart for golfers was custom-made in 1932 by Lyman Beecher. The initial idea behind the electric golf carts was introduced by John Keener. The three-wheel gasoline-powered golf cart was invented in 1950.  

Different types of golf carts

Electric golf carts

As the name indicates, electric carts are operated by an electric motor. Electric golf carts are environmentally friendly and are less expensive than other golf carts. Electric golf carts are dependent on electric-powered motors. The electric-powered golf carts are charged by using an external charger and they provide the power that is needed to move the golf carts. 

Advantages Of Electric Golf Carts

Advantages of Electric golf carts

There are many advantages and disadvantages of electric golf carts:

Environmentally friendly

The electric golf carts are an environmentally friendly option. They produce zero emissions. The electric golf carts minimize the harmful gases and give you a healthy living environment. 

No noise pollution

Electric golf carts generate no noise pollution. This golf course results in a calmer and more eco-friendly golf course.

Cost Saving

Electric golf carts are cost-effective. These electric golf carts run on rechargeable batteries, which makes them more cost-effective than them

Easy to use 

Electric golf carts are easy to use. These carts are easy to maintain and are very cheap to operate.

More comfortable

Electric golf carts can give you a more comfortable ride on the golf courses. These electric carts can come with many different features like lighting, comfortable ride, and also give you comfortable seats. 


Safety comes first. The electric golf carts have fewer risks of accident rates as compared to the gas-powered golf carts.

Disadvantages of electric golf carts

Limited range 

Electric golf carts have a limited range. You need to charge it again and again if you use them for a longer distance. 

Weather conditions

Electric golf carts are dependent on weather conditions. Too cold a temperature can affect the overall speed of the golf carts. 

Gas golf carts

Gas golf carts are run on combustion engines. The engine burnt the mixture of gas and fuel to move the golf carts. The gas golf cart engine is a bit smaller. It commonly has single or twin cylinders. 

Advantages of Gas golf carts


Gas golf carts have a wider range than electric golf carts. The electric golf carts typically range from 15 to 25 miles but the gas-powered golf carts range from 100- 180 miles.

Cost saving

Gas golf carts are cheaper and are easier to maintain than electric golf carts. The gas golf carts are more powerful and you don’t have to purchase a new set of batteries, the batteries approximately last between four to five years. 

Powerful engine

Gas golf carts have a powerful engine and these carts can easily excel in the trash and hilly areas.

Disadvantages of Gas golf carts

Noise pollution

The gas golf carts can produce noise and emit pollutants. This noise can disturb the golfers on the golf course. 


The gas-powered golf carts required regular maintenance. In gas golf carts you will need to change the oil regularly and also you should change the oil filters. This change of oil can have a great impact on the performance of the golf carts. 

Environmental impact

Gas golf carts hurt our environment as well as our health. Gas golf carts can emit harmful pollutants into the air. 

Why are gas golf carts better than electric ones?

The gas golf carts are better than electric ones in terms of power. You can say that gas golf carts have a better range and they can easily ride on hilly areas or handle bulky items.

Golf carts seats

Golf carts often come in all sizes. There are different seater golf carts available in the market like 2, 4 , 6 and 8 seaters. You can also customize the golf cart seats according to your requirements. Golf carts have come with vinyl seats. There are a wide range of colors and styles available, making them more attractive.

Golf carts battery

The most common type of golf cart battery is a lead-acid battery. The golf cart’s batteries take 8-12 hours to fully charge. If you use a fast charger then the battery reduces the time to 50 %. Golf carts have lithium-ion, lead acid, or solar-powered batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries. 


Buggies are lighter and smaller than golf carts, have greater stability and have more power. They are typically powered by a combustion engine such as a gasoline engine and these buggies can run a longer period without any fuel. The buggies pull heavier loads than the golf carts. Buggies have more power and carry more passengers. 

Buggie shapes and sizes

The golf buggies come in various sizes and various shapes. The most common type of buggie is built to seat two passengers plus two golf bags. But single-seater buggies can also be used on the golf course. Buggies have greater seating capacity and more features like larger tires, smaller in size.  

Buggies are used for off-road activities, such as hunting, or many other activities.


The golf buggies are available with a wide range of features and accessories. Most golf buggies are equipped with umbrella mounts, bottle holders, and many adjustable handles and storage options. Some models can even customize the color options, and seat options and even add the GPS option.

Renting a golf buggy

Some Golf courses are not allowed to use buggies but those courses that allow it, there will typically be buggies available for rent. The golf club rents buggies and has hundreds of buggies available in this building and what we call its fleet. This building is also called a “Buggy house” “Buggy barn” or called a “cart barn.”

In this club, the carts are stored overnight and maintained there. The golf courses that offer the buggie rental mostly use electric-powered, but gasoline-powered golf carts are also available. The cheaper the golf course, the cheaper will be the rental fee, and the more expensive the golf course the more expensive will be the rental fee. Buggies are less expensive than golf carts. 

Golf buggies last

The life span of golf buggies depends on many factors like usage, maintenance, and proper care. However, the mostly golf buggies can last from 7-10 years. Proper maintenance and usage can also extend the life span of the golf buggies. 

Choosing the right golf buggies

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right golf buggies. The first factor to be considered is size and weight. If your golf trolley is lighter in weight then it is very easy for you to travel on the golf courses and the hilly areas.

If your golf trolley is heavier weight then it is very difficult for you to travel on the golf courses. So, when you are choosing the golf trolley always consider the lighter weight and very easy to lift in.  


Buggies and Golf carts speed

Golf carts are slower while the buggies are faster. The golf carts have a speed range of around 10-15 mph while the buggies’ speed ranges from around 25 mph. The difference in the speed is due to that buggies are designed for off-road and designed for hilly areas. They have a high-powered engine which allows the golfers to reach the higher speed. 

Fuel Source

Golf carts and buggies are two different vehicles that are used for recreational purposes. The golf carts are powered by electricity while the buggies are powered by gasoline engines. The fuel source you will choose depends on your needs, The buggies are more powerful and can travel larger distances. 

Safety features

The buggies and the golf carts are two types of vehicles that can be used in golf courses. The golf carts typically feature a seat belt, windshield, and headlights, and the golf carts provide more safety. 

While buggies offer an open-air experience but lack the safety features. The most common safety features include a hand brake, a seat belt, and a roll bar. Buggies are also equipped with brakes that help to slow down the vehicle. 


This article shows the differences between golf carts and buggies. The golf carts and buggies both have different features. Golf carts are electrically powered, gas-powered, and solar-powered. The differences are in the speed, power, and range. Different types of buggies and golf carts are available in the market. Golf carts have more power and speed than buggies. The golf carts and buggies come in different shapes and sizes. In conclusion, it is very important to know the difference between golf carts and buggies which would help choose the right one according to your needs. 

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