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SEO Boosting Elements Every E-commerce Expert Should Follow

Vanyaa Mirza

Vanyaa Mirza

March 04, 2024

SEO is a must-do practice if you wish to span your e-commerce store to the maximum target audience. Search engine optimization helps you gain rapid growth in the online world. From enhancing brand awareness to building a loyal customer base, SEO offers many things to e-commerce stores. Learning the SEO boosters and tactics will help you organically achieve the growth.

Unlike normal blogs or service-based websites, you have to adopt a more strategic approach to boost the SEO of your online store. It may seem an easy task, but it requires much effort and dedication. To meet this objective, you have to stick to some specific but crucial practices.

In this guide, we will walk you through some key SEO-improving elements you should consider as an e-commerce expert. Ready to uncover the secret SEO boosters? Let’s dive in.

Perform an Intent-Based Keyword Research

Intent-based keyword research is one of the crucial SEO boosters, focusing on understanding the searcher’s purpose behind queries. The keywords are categorized based on the intention behind the search. While performing keyword research in e-commerce, you have to be attentive when selecting any search term. The right choice of keywords can skyrocket your store’s organic ranking.

In contrast, the inclusion of irrelevant keywords ceases or decreases the online visibility. Therefore, you should only choose those phrases that people mostly search for when looking for online products. These phrases can be of two types: first, commercial, and second, transactional.

The Users with direct buying intentions mostly use transactional search terms like “buy earbuds” or “Bike for sale.” On the other hand, users who are curious about any product utilize commercial keywords to get sufficient information before making a purchase.

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Write Unique and Engaging Product Descriptions

Upon landing on a product page, the first thing the buyer interacts with after watching the product image is its description. Therefore, the content you write to explain the different aspects of the product should be highly unique and easy to understand.

Avoid using generic or copied overviews, features, and specifications. To get maximum conversions, write valuable and distinct details about the product. This might be a tedious task for you, but it is worth considering. But, by using an advanced AI paraphrasing tool, you can avoid this labor, too.

Instead of writing from scratch, just provide an existing description to the paraphraser and let it restructure it uniquely and engagingly. You will be amazed to see how the paraphrase tool ensures readability, clarity, and uniqueness in the descriptions.

Crafting unique and engaging product descriptions is one of the pivotal SEO boosters, enhancing visibility and enticing potential buyers. By incorporating targeted keywords, creating compelling narratives, and highlighting unique features, businesses can improve their search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase conversions. This approach differentiates products in a crowded marketplace, offering a competitive edge.

Keep The Site Architecture SEO & User-Friendly

The hierarchical arrangement of multiple pages of an e-commerce store does matter for better SEO. Their placement helps search engines easily crawl and index all the pages of the store. Also, it assists the users to navigate through different pages and find the required information.

Make sure that it does not consume much time for the user to reach the desired product from the home page. Also, confirm that each link placed on a page doesn’t direct the user to the wrong page. In addition, every product page or other page of the store should be free of broken links.

The best hierarchy to link pages is to merge the home with the category page and category ones with the product ones. This order of pages provides a seamless experience for users. Also, the search engines find these connections easy to scan and analyze.

Focus On the Optimization of Product Pages

Since the product pages are the source of conversions, it is crucial to keep an eye on every element displayed on them. This close attention helps your product page rank organically and get visible to a new audience. Therefore, must optimize all the important page elements.

For this purpose, start by adding the main keyword in the page’s URL and shortening its length. Then, enrich the title with the target keyword and tag it with the H1 header. Next, incorporate secondary keywords in subheadings and appropriately use header tags.

After that, verify that each image uploaded on the product page is compressed but of high quality. Also, write descriptive and keyword-rich text in the alt tag of each image. At last, verify whether the product description contains a proper CTA or not. If not, then you must add a strong CTA.

Write Compelling and Action-Driven Meta-Details

When users make a search query with buying intention, they mostly visit online stores with compelling meta information. Therefore, don’t ignore them. The persuasive meta title and description can drive maximum traffic against a particular keyword. 

So, spend sufficient time in making them attention-grabbing. Don’t overstuff these valuable front facers with your brand name. Rather, include such words that force the reader to click your page’s link.

Since the search results only show a limited number of characters, write meta details in ideal length. The ideal length for the meta title and description is 50-60 characters and 150-160 characters, respectively. Most importantly, don’t forget to add the focused keyword in both of them.

The above recommendations fit for SEO needs in any industry, be it IT or Jewelry. Google constantly updates the algorithm. It is important for the marketers to pay attention to changing SEO landscape.

To Sum Up

SEO is a worth considering factor in the success of an e-commerce store. The higher your store ranks, the more it drives conversions. Hence, it saves you from spending huge budgets on paid advertisements.

These are just fewer perks; search engine optimization has many things in its bucket for e-commerce stores. Understanding the importance of SEO for online stores, we have mentioned above some must-do practices to help you boost your organic traffic. If you apply the SEO boosters consistently, no one can stop you from uplifting your store’s ranking.

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