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The Complete Style Guide to Gold Earrings

Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta

January 20, 2023

India has been known as Golden Sparrow for ages. Gold is not merely metal for Indians; it is a combination of love, tradition, identity, and pride. Gold ornaments and especially Gold Earrings are a very emotional but very pure way to show your love and affection. A set of Gold Earrings can be a perfect gift for our loved ones especially when we know the importance of gold.

Gold Earrings

Throughout the 16th century, earrings were in much demand in the Western world. Earring “Clip-on” designed in the 1920s, and the 1950s ear piercings “at home”, turned out to be progressively common. The early part of the 20th century is the mother of creation, the “Screw back” was designed in the 1930s. Screw backs and other kinds of clip-on and clasp backs ruled the world of Earrings until the 1970’s when ear piercing turned into a craze once more.

The first pair of earrings were made way back in 2500 BC and only royalty could afford expensive jewelry back then. At present, Earring styles incorporate studs, hangings like chandeliers, round and half round hoopssui-dhaga, clip-on, danglers, etc.

The current trend in fashion jewelry is gold earrings! They transition perfectly between the seasons and women wear them in multiple settings after pairing them with the right outfit. Not to mention, they are both affordable and stylish! It’s really not a question of whether or not you need them… it’s about which style fits your individual personality and fashion taste. 

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Different varieties of Gold

The obvious difference between yellow, white, and rose gold are their color differences. The mined gold from the ground is naturally yellow. In order for gold to change color from its natural state, it has to be mixed with other alloys. For example, gold that is white has been mixed with nickel and other alloys to turn it white. Rose gold gets its color when mixed with copper and other alloys. 

Yellow Gold

Historically, yellow gold has been the most popular choice when it comes to jewelry. Gold in its rare form is malleable, which means it is easy to shape and bend to create jewellery itemsThroughout time, yellow gold was used to showcase wealth and accomplishment, but like all things, taste and style changed over time. In the ’80s, a new era of jewellery was born when a new style caught the eye of many.

White Gold

White gold became a favorite amongst jewellery designers and consumers in the ’90s primarily because diamonds appeared brighter and whiter when set compared to yellow gold. It contains nickel and other alloys that give it its classic color. The drawback of this for those with nickel allergies is its ability to cause breakouts and or other reactions depending on the severity.

White gold Vs Platinum

If we have a sensitive nickel allergy but do not like yellow gold, platinum is a great alternative. Naturally white and hypoallergenic, the primary drawback to platinum is that it’s more expensive due to its purity content compared to gold.

Compared to platinum, white gold typically requires more maintenance, as these items can lose their luster/white color more quickly than platinum. This, of course, depends on the item and its wear and tear. Then, they dip the item in rhodium, a sister metal to platinum, to maintain its bright white look.  

Finally, depending on our personal taste and budget, there is another alternative, rose gold. Rose gold started showing up more frequently in jewelry designs around 2010.

Rose Gold

The vibrant colors in rose gold come from its contents including copper and other alloys. This is a great choice for those who don’t want “old school” yellow gold but want something different than white gold.

There is one minor drawback to rose gold and yellow gold if you don’t wear the items often. These styles tend to tarnish easier than white gold over time. One can correct it with a polishing cloth or by taking the item to your local jewelry professional to be buffed and polished. Simple steps will bring your item back to its original color and luster!

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Importance of Earrings

Whenever we go out for a formal meeting or a wedding party or a social get-together, one of the accessories that we must surely consider wearing is earrings. There are many different varieties of gold earrings that we will be able to dress up with ranging from white gold to rose gold to gold hoop ones. It is very important for us to choose earrings that perfectly complement our dress as well as the occasion. It is ideal for us to go for earrings made of white gold for light-colored outfits and rose gold ones for unique styles.

The Lustrous Gold Earrings

Earrings have always been at the center of all fashion jewellery and accessories for women and no wardrobe or look is ever complete without gold earrings at its heart. Earrings made of Gold define our personality and make us feel like complete women. Wear them as studs or dangling ear loops or maybe even strands of Gold to complement our dress. These earrings go with both our stylish hot look and even we laid back or conservative look. From moms to working women to party-going girls, these earrings never fail to impress men and moreover talk a lot about us as a woman!

Dazzle Them All With Gold Earrings

The prime fashion accessories are Gold earrings and there is so much that we can do with them. They go with our trendy party outfit or our conservative classy look. Loops or dangling strands, gold has always been at the center of a woman’s heart. Jewelry designers and fashion experts from all over the world fawn over gold jewelry. Its rich and golden glow, lapped with a shining luster makes one feel special. Earrings never run out of fashion and are the most common of all women’s earrings and accessories. When done in gold, they complete our look giving us a definite style that is our own.

Take Time While Shopping For Earrings Gold

The first and foremost thing that we need to decide on while shopping for earrings gold is to decide on the type of stones that we wish to choose from synthetic to natural to semi-precious to precious ones. If we have a low budget, then we can go for less expensive options. The design also must be clear in our minds when we shop for earrings. If we have a good amount of money to spend, then we can go for earrings gold 24 Karat gold. But, if we have a low budget we can go for 14K or 18k gold.

How to look attractive in a fine pair of Earrings?

Yes, earrings, these small ornaments, can really enhance our overall look and appeal. It can make us quite attractive and beautiful in a jiffy. One pair of earrings designed in the form of a chandelier can really create magic.

Chandeliers draw attention and needless to say the replica of the design can really enhance the way we look. The chandelier earrings can give a very sexy effect on bare shoulders and neck. It completes the whole look. 

No gold jewellery is as golden as the wedding itself. However, it’s rare for any wedding to function without gold. The bridal jewellery set at the wedding is just as auspicious as the day itself. The gold earrings for women in our wedding collection will certainly grab our curiosity and attention. 

These days, men and women of every age, race, and social class wear gold earrings, with or without diamonds. Purely for decorative reasons in the West, but in other cultures, earrings also carry a religious meaning.

Purity of Gold

Today, women value 14KT gold piercing earrings for their beauty and durability. Since pure gold is soft and malleable, industry combines it with other metals such as copper and nickel to make it stronger and more durable.

The higher the karat of gold, the more expensive the jewelry will be. If we want to stay within a low budget, look for gold stud earrings that are made with 14K gold. This means the earrings are made out of 58.3% pure gold, so they will be less expensive than 18K gold earrings, which are made out of 75% pure gold.

Earring designs are available for all occasions like; work wear, casual wear, occasion wear, wedding wear, party wear, festive wear, etc., which can be matched with Indian, Indo-western, and western attire. We offer a wide selection of earrings in many different styles such as Stud EarringsHoop EarringsEar Cuffs, Jhumkas, Drop Earrings, Sui- dhagas, Chand -Balis, Onyx Back, Front Back, Jacket and Mis-Match Earrings.

Annoushka Gold Earrings

Annoushka Jewellery aims to bring a strong female voice to the traditional world of fine jewellery, and to create pieces that elegantly adapt to the lives of the increasing number of women buying jewelry for themselves.

Annoushka Organza 18K Yellow Gold & 0.27 TCW Diamond Hoop Earrings

Ultimately, jewellery is about the character: glamour, passion, and humor—of the craftsman, the designer, and the woman who will ultimately wear it, creating precious jewellery for remarkable women.

Malabar Gold

Era Uncut Earring STERGRGHRGY002

Mr. M P Ahammed founded Malabar Group in 1993 with a team of enterprising entrepreneurs, and he established a jewelry trading company in a historical city called Kozhikode. Since then, keeping alive the golden spirit of the brand, the Group has remained constant, in its successful forays nurtured by expertise, vision, and guidance, into a formidable business conglomerate. Celebrate the Studs & Drops Festival with its sweeping range of Stud earrings, Hoops, cuffs, Bali’s, Chandbali’s, Jhumkas, U-Bali, Drop earrings & the list goes on!


Buy Exquisite Twin Leaf Gold Earrings | GRT Oriana

Ethereal and chic, Oriana jewelry enhances the inherent beauty of today’s women. Our intricately crafted jewellery blends into your wardrobe seamlessly, giving you versatile looks with each outfit and every occasion. Be it your corporate chic outfit for the office or the elegant diva look for your special dinner, our craftsmanship will support your look throughout the day.

Choose from our assorted collection of jewellery using myriad metals and colorful stones that will accentuate your natural beauty and bring that shimmer to your eyes, making you the center of attraction wherever you go.

PC Jewellers

The Davey Gold Earrings | PC JewellerPC Jeweller is India’s leading fine jewelry discovery platform focusing on giving you an awesome jewelry buying experience. At PC Jeweller, they strive to provide you the largest collection of curated designs for every occasion. They are not just selling jewelry, but an unparalleled jewellery buying experience at your fingertips!

Tanishq Gold Earrings

Make a Statement with Statement Earrings

Earrings and the practice of wearing earrings have been around for a very long time. During different civilizations, different genders wore these earrings, and held much different significance. For example, in India, the origins of earrings and wearing earrings date back to both men and women of the Indus Valley civilization and are traced later to women’s temple jewelry. For us, wearing earrings is an expression of our aesthetic and cultural history, a showcase of our craft, and a treasure of designs.

Ethereal Glamorous Drop Earrings

At Tanishq, we bring you collections of statement earrings that display the best of the diversity in technique, design, and innovation in India. They craft every earring with unique care to adorn every unique face. From simple to ornate, contemporary to traditional earrings, gold earrings or diamond earrings, 18KT & 22KT yellow, white or rose gold, 950 Platinum, and studded with pearls, or gemstones, we make earrings for women of modern Indian and every occasion.


The brand “JOYALUKKAS”  was founded in 2002 and is widely known for its trustworthiness, authenticity, and commitment to design, quality, convenience, service, and value. A rich heritage and unwavering commitment to innovation and craftsmanship have contributed to making ‘JOYALUKKAS’ one of the leading jewelry companies in India in terms of revenue. The foundation of the brand’s success is its core values which are trust and transparency.

Buy Joyalukkas Veda Collection 22K Oxidized Gold Earrings for Women at Amazon.inAll Glitters Are Actually Gold!

Precious statement masterpieces crafted only for you! Inspired by the fire and radiance of our superlative gold accessories, Joyalukkas uses a unique combination of cuts for a distinctly romantic sensibility. The beautiful shape of these classic gold earrings allows the stones to play off of each other’s glorious sheen.

Joyalukkas is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of women today. These stunning gold earrings can be anyone’s best possession. Here the gold is of uncompromised purity. They extract it from a single mine, meeting the industry’s highest standards for environmental and social responsibility.

Gold jewellery is offered in different styles like classic, contemporary and western. Plain gold jewellery will go well with most of the attire colors as there are no gemstone color restrictions. It’s good for daily wear as it’s easy to maintain, for office wear, or for any special occasion. Collection “Coinage” offers traditional coin jewelry with plain gold. This unique style is more popular in South India. Customers today prefer to buy gold earrings online due to the widest choice of exclusive gold earring designs and competitive gold earring prices online.

Earrings are jewels that have their own rhythm. The alternation of empty and full spaces in harmony. Gold is actually something that anyone irrespective of gender wants to possess. Gold earrings for women somehow bring out the inner sense of pride which enhances their outer beauty.

In the present era, women do not match earrings with clothes, but rather vice versa. Newest of all, the attractive intricate designs are extremely the attention seeker. A few trends looks of today are:

  • Easy and Lights: Gold Stud Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, Also the Gold Hoop Earrings.
  • Desi Styles: Gold Jhumka Earrings, Gold Chandbali Earrings.
  • Trendy Ones: Gold Ear cuffs, Gold Diamond Earrings, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Gold earrings are a timeless accessory that can elevate any outfit. From delicate studs to bold hoops, this style guide has covered it all. With tips on choosing the right size, shape, and design, you’re now equipped to make a statement with gold earrings that perfectly reflect your personal style.

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