• February 3, 2023
Surat Diamond Bourse


The Surat Diamond Bourse is a not-for-profit organization promoted by SDB Diamond Bourse, a company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and formed for the establishment & promotion of Diamond Bourse in Surat, Gujarat.

Surat Diamond Bourse is a diamond trade center, located in DREAM City, Surat, Gujarat, India. The world’s largest Diamond Bourse, which will be an International Trading Center, will start operating before Diwali 2022, in Surat.

Objectives of SDB:

  • To promote imports, exports, and trading of Diamonds, Gems & Jewellery from India.
  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to the organizations engaged in manufacturing & trading diamonds.
  • To promote, advance, protect and develop trade, commerce, and industry relating to Gems & Jewellery including cutting, polishing, and processing.
  • To establish and maintain an International Trading Center in India to facilitate the Diamond, Gems & Jewellery industry.
  • To develop India as a modern and sophisticated Diamond, gem & Jewellery market in the world.

Surat Diamond Bourse

Surat Diamond Bourse Landscape – Panchtatva

Surat Diamond Bourse is an integration of a high-density commercial architecture amalgamated with an efficacious environmental concept. “The chakra of Universe revolves around Panchtatva.”

The astonishing 5 elements of nature – air, water, fire, earth, and sky bring peace, prosperity, happiness, and success. Hence, this Surat Diamond Bourse is built on the concept of Panchtatva.

Largest International Trade Center

Currently, India’s largest diamond trade hub is Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai. But the Surat Diamond Bourse has been hailed as the world’s largest office building with a single basement. It is larger than Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in Dubai, and the Pentagon area.

  • The Project is India’s largest diamond trading hub based in Surat, Gujarat, spread across 35.54 acres with an availability of 66 lakh Sq.ft. built-up area encompassing 4,500+ diamond offices for national & international traders.
  • The total construction cost is Rs. 2400 crores. Each office will be ranging from 300 to 75,000 square feet.
  • There will be a total of 125 lifts with a speed of 3 meters/sec, each connected to the 24 ft. wide spine corridor.
  • Further, each building will have 8 ft. wide office corridors, 13 ft. floor height, and the ground floor height being graceful, 19 ft.

Architecture of Surat Diamond Bourse buildings

The commercial office complex will have a total of nine 11-storey buildings, each named after an alphabet. Every building will have 15 floors with a height of 13 feet. There will be no 13th floor at the upcoming Surat Diamond Bourse commercial complex in Gujarat. The thirteenth floor has been reserved for common facilities. The custom facility at Surat Diamond Bourse will be three times the size of the one in Mumbai.

SDB buildingsSecurity & Surveillance

Strategically located security lobbies in the building, ensure safety & quick access to all the spaces On the safety and security side.

It will have highly secured campus security checkpoints at all entry and exits, CCTV surveillance, Control Rooms, a Public Announcement System, and Provision of Under Car Scanners at Entry Gates.

The facility is also equipped with a Digitally Integrated Fire Protection System as per Latest Standards. It will create about 5 lakh jobs for the security department.

Al-fresco & Meeting area, Recreational zone 

The meeting area of Surat Diamond Bourse emanates an understated but timeless elegance, in line with its exclusive landscaping & greenery in the area. Designed to embody a relaxed elegance-like feeling, the area creates a sophisticated, yet soothing atmosphere for members and visitors to feel at ease, for any formal/informal meetings.

Parking Facility

For ease of travelers & vehicle parking, there are 20 Lakh sq. ft. in the basement area, planned for organized vehicle parking.

  • The traffic layout provides a one-way traffic circulation on the peripheral internal road, with separate entry & exit points, which minimizes traffic congestion and removes/reduces the potential point of vehicular conflict.
  • The traffic layout gives provision for Cars, Taxis, Autos, Service Vehicles/Goods, Vehicles, Custom Vehicles, and Two-Wheelers, along with specific entry/exit for dedicated service vehicles.

Common Amenities within Surat Diamond Bourse

SDB hallway

The facility accommodates the auxiliary yet conventional needs of a commercial center like Multipurpose banquet halls, Conference halls, Banquets, Restaurants, Kitchen & Dining spaces, along with proposed allied facilities for Custom offices, Banking Facilities, Auction HouseSafe Deposit vaults.

All the offices and spaces will be protected through advanced security measures, also taking care of the connectivity for the travelers, these facilities will be situated only 5 km away from the airport. The bourse will include banks, custom houses, elevators, etc.

Green Building Concept

SDB is setting standards in the Commercial sector, with the development and maintenance of ecological standards, hence accoladed with an IGBC ranking of PLATINUM RATED BUILDING. The structure design is focused on energy efficiency and sensitive to the industry’s dependence upon sunlight, mainly for assorting and grading diamonds, thus letting ample daylight in all office spaces.

  • All Entrance Foyers, Spine Corridor, and Lift Lobbies on Ground Floor are Air Conditioned through a chilled water-cooling system, with each sighting onto the exquisitely designed landscape courts, spanning almost 200 ft wide and 300 ft long.
  • Spine corridors on the upper floors have a radiant cooling system to maintain a pleasant environment, during transit.
  • It will also have 100% power backup, for common areas and offices.

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects apart from the astonishing aesthetics & landscaping, contemplated in to design of this facility. Aspects, considered, for the same are:

  • Microclimate – to maintain the temperature within the confined spaces
  • Solar control – to reduce the direct heating due to sunlight
  • Wind Analysis – to evaluate and maximize natural ventilation, Orientation according to Sun and Wind direction
  • Energy Performance – for energy efficiency and WWR

Employment Generation

All retailers and wholesalers will work here together. The entire SDB will be creating more than 1.5 lakh jobs. With the creation of employment, this scheme will also benefit the government by about Rs. 2 lakh.

SDB with Mumbai

Surat Diamond Bourse constructionIn a circular issued to its members, the Surat Diamond Bourse committee stated that the members winding up their polished diamond trading from Mumbai will feature in the ‘leading members’ list on the huge display at the SDB reception area.

Moreover, the members starting the polished diamond trading from SDB in the 1st phase will be provided with a 100% exemption from the payment of monthly maintenance for 6 months.

Vallabh Lakhani, Chairman, Surat Diamond Bourse, told about the scheme to boost the Surat Diamond Bourse business, where most of the diamond companies are ready to close down in Mumbai and run entirely from Surat because of this scheme.

If Surat is the diamond manufacturing hub, it is Mumbai that has given the true identity to the diamond industry in the world by being the diamond trading center.

Mintly, the hiring marketplace for the jewelry, gems, and metals industry provide employment opportunities in Diamond Bourses in India.

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