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Top 5 Growing Industries in Indianapolis for Jobs

Eric Walker

Eric Walker

May 20, 2023

Indianapolis, often dubbed as the ‘Crossroads of America’, is a city that’s more than just a hub for sports events and automobile races. As the capital city of Indiana, it’s a dynamic metropolis with a diversified economy. The robust growth in certain industries in Indianapolis has set a new path for job seekers, offering a wealth of opportunities. Here, we highlight the top 5 fastest growing industries for job seekers in Indianapolis.

1. Health Care and Life Sciences

Health care and life sciences have always been a key player in the Indianapolis job market. With the presence of nationally recognized health systems such as IU Health, Community Health Network, and Ascension St. Vincent, the industry provides substantial employment opportunities. Furthermore, Indianapolis has been making strides in medical innovation and research, with facilities like the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute contributing significantly to job growth in life sciences.

One of the most dynamic sectors in Indianapolis, Health Care and Life Sciences, is leading the way in job creation and innovation. The city boasts a strong presence of renowned health systems, including IU Health, Community Health Network, and Ascension St. Vincent, which significantly contribute to local employment. Whether it’s nursing, medical technology, administration, or specialized medical fields, the healthcare sector offers a myriad of career options.

Beyond just health care services, Indianapolis is also a hub for life sciences research and development. Facilities such as the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute are at the forefront of biomedical innovation. They are engaging in cutting-edge research in areas such as regenerative medicine, bioinformatics, and personalized medicine. These institutes, along with a growing number of start-ups, are generating numerous job opportunities for scientists, researchers, technicians, and professionals in the field.

The Health Care and Life Sciences industry in Indianapolis also benefits from a supportive environment. This is nurtured by public-private partnerships and academic institutions. For instance, the Indiana University School of Medicine, one of the largest medical schools in the US, plays a vital role in training future healthcare professionals and fostering research. As a result, the city is not only offering diverse job opportunities but is also playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of health care and life sciences.

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2. Technology

The tech industry in Indianapolis is experiencing a monumental surge. Companies like Salesforce and Infosys have established major operations in the city, offering an array of job opportunities in software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more. The city’s vibrant tech scene, which is enhanced by a thriving start-up ecosystem, is enticing for job seekers looking for a blend of innovation and opportunity.

The technology industry in Indianapolis has seen tremendous growth in recent years, making it one of the most appealing sectors for job seekers. Anchored by a thriving tech ecosystem, the city has successfully attracted significant tech companies and budding startups alike. These businesses span a broad range of technology specializations, from software development and IT services to emerging fields such as cybersecurity, AI, and data analytics.

One of the factors propelling the technology sector’s growth in Indianapolis is the city’s collaborative and supportive environment. TechPoint, the state’s technology accelerator, has been instrumental in fostering this dynamic tech ecosystem by promoting growth initiatives, facilitating partnerships, and encouraging innovation. Moreover, various networking events and tech meetups in the city provide excellent opportunities for tech professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate.

The tech sector in Indianapolis is not only robust but also diverse, offering opportunities for professionals at all stages of their careers. From entry-level positions to senior roles, the variety of job opportunities is extensive. Whether it’s working for established tech giants or innovative startups, tech professionals in Indianapolis have multiple avenues to advance their careers. This is making the sector one of the fastest-growing industries in Indianapolis.

3. Manufacturing

Indianapolis has a rich history in manufacturing, and this sector continues to be a major employer in the region. Home to leading manufacturers like Eli Lilly, Allison Transmission, and Rolls-Royce, the city offers plenty of opportunities for job seekers. In recent years, advanced manufacturing techniques incorporating AI and automation have also added a new dimension to the industry.

The manufacturing sector in Indianapolis continues to be a significant force in the city’s economy, consistently showing strong growth and offering numerous employment opportunities. Indianapolis is known for its advanced manufacturing, with industries ranging from automotive and aeronautics to medical devices and food processing. This vast range of industries in Indianapolis provides job seekers with a diverse selection of roles and career paths to explore.

Notably, Indianapolis’s strategic location in the heartland of America, with its excellent transportation infrastructure, has been a key factor in the city’s manufacturing success. The availability of high-quality logistics services has attracted many manufacturing companies seeking to efficiently distribute their products across the nation. Furthermore, the state’s pro-business environment and commitment to workforce development have helped to foster the manufacturing industry’s growth.

Additionally, the manufacturing sector in Indianapolis offers significant opportunities for career advancement. With many companies investing heavily in technology to drive efficiency and productivity, there’s a growing demand for skilled workers with expertise in areas such as automation, robotics, and process optimization. As a result, individuals who invest in developing these sought-after skills can access excellent opportunities in Indianapolis’s thriving manufacturing industry.

4. E-Commerce and Logistics

Indianapolis’s central location has made it a significant logistics hub, with numerous distribution and fulfillment centers. The e-commerce sector has experienced exponential growth in the city, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amazon has multiple facilities in the region, offering a multitude of jobs, while FedEx operates one of their busiest hubs from Indianapolis International Airport.

The surge in digital shopping behaviors, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has fueled a boom in the e-commerce and logistics industry in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is becoming an increasingly attractive hub for e-commerce companies, thanks to its central geographic location, excellent transportation network, and well-established logistics infrastructure. This growth is not only creating more jobs but also diversifying the types of roles available, from supply chain management to data analysis.

The logistics industry in Indianapolis, a crucial support pillar for e-commerce, has also been experiencing unprecedented growth. Many businesses are recognizing the strategic advantages of Indianapolis’s location at the crossroads of America, with its easy access to various transportation modes, including road, rail, and air. As a result, many logistics companies are establishing or expanding their operations in the area, which in turn creates more job opportunities.

Notably, the growth in e-commerce and logistics is also fueling a demand for tech-savvy professionals. The rise of digital platforms, data analytics, automation, and smart logistics solutions means that there are an increasing number of opportunities for those with IT skills. Those who can leverage technology to optimize supply chain processes, improve customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency are in high demand in Indianapolis’s e-commerce and logistics industry.

5. Financial Services

Financial services is another sector showing impressive growth in Indianapolis. The city is home to several major financial institutions, including OneAmerica, CNO Financial Group, and Anthem Inc. Job seekers can find opportunities in a variety of roles, including financial advisors, analysts, insurance specialists, and customer service representatives.

Indianapolis has always been a strong player in the financial services sector, and recent years have seen this industry flourishing even more. With a solid foundation of established banks, insurance companies, and investment firms, along with a burgeoning FinTech scene, the city offers a wide array of opportunities for job seekers interested in finance.

The city’s financial sector is experiencing growth partly due to the emergence and growth of FinTech companies. Indianapolis is increasingly being recognized as a hotbed for innovation in financial technology, attracting entrepreneurs and startups looking to disrupt traditional financial services. This boom in FinTech is creating jobs not just for those with a background in finance, but also for tech professionals skilled in areas like software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

The financial services industry in Indianapolis also benefits from a robust local economy, the city’s affordability, and supportive state and local policies. These factors, along with an influx of talent attracted by the area’s high quality of life, contribute to the industry’s growth and the wealth of opportunities available.

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Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking to make a career change, the financial services industry in Indianapolis offers a promising and dynamic career path.

Jewelry Retail Stores BONUS

As one of the bright spots in Indianapolis’s retail sector, the jewelry industry is experiencing a noticeable upswing in growth. The city’s flourishing economy, paired with an increased consumer appetite for luxury goods, is fueling an expansion in both brick-and-mortar and online jewelry retail stores. For job seekers, this means an array of employment opportunities ranging from sales and customer service to design and craftsmanship. Jewelry Sector is one of the upcoming growing industries in Indianapolis.

In particular, the rise of locally-owned boutique jewelry stores, offering unique and custom pieces, has become a defining trend. These stores often provide a more personalized and experiential shopping encounter, appealing to customers who seek distinctive, high-quality items. Working in these establishments can offer the opportunity to develop a rich understanding of jewelry – from precious metals and gemstones to design trends and craftsmanship techniques. Furthermore, roles in these businesses often involve engaging directly with customers, providing advice, and contributing to the overall shopping experience, which can be rewarding in its own right.

Simultaneously, the surge in e-commerce has brought about growth in online jewelry retail. E-commerce platforms are seeking skilled individuals in digital marketing, SEO, and product photography, among others, to manage online operations. These roles offer exciting opportunities to those who wish to combine a love for jewelry with digital skills, contributing to the expanding landscape of Indianapolis’s jewelry retail sector.

From the crafting table to the sales floor to the digital platform, there’s a place for a variety of talents in the burgeoning jewelry retail industry in Indianapolis.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the dynamic city of Indianapolis is home to an array of thriving industries, making it a vibrant hub for job seekers. From the robust healthcare and life sciences sector to the burgeoning field of technology, opportunities abound. Manufacturing continues to be a reliable sector, while e-commerce and logistics are rapidly emerging as significant players due to the surge in online shopping.

Meanwhile, the financial services industry, with its wide array of roles from financial analysis to client relations, remains a constant source of job opportunities. Lastly, the rise of jewelry retail stores, driven by both traditional boutiques and online platforms, offers unique opportunities to those passionate about design and luxury goods. Each of these sectors presents diverse roles and growth possibilities, contributing to an encouraging outlook for job seekers in Indianapolis. The city is, indeed, a fertile ground for individuals looking to start, shift, or advance their careers.

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