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Where to study Jewellery Design?

Posted by Tanaya | Jul 30, 2021

Designing stunning jewellery pieces as a career can be the most rewarding profession in art and fashion. It provides an opportunity to create pieces that would be loved, worn, and cherished by others. It is always gratifying to see one’s creative visions and interesting ideas turn into a beautiful piece of art that can be worn. For many, this gratifying feeling is all that is needed to become a jewellery designer. However, there are several other reasons that need to be taken into consideration before answering this question:

Why become a jewellery designer?

The fashion and jewellery industry is such that it opens up an opportunity for everyone who wants to establish a career in this industry. Ergo, there can be many reasons for one to choose this creative profession and become an expert jewellery designer.

    • For starters, jewellery designing is a great career option for people with creative minds. Earlier, jewellery was considered just as a symbol of status in the society and means of financial security. However, today jewellery has a major part to play in fashion. They are considered as trendsetters and fashion statements, giving jewellery designers a wider scope and growth prospects.
    • Jewellery designing opens up to a lot of job opportunities. There are different roles for both freshers and professional jewellery makers and designers. The pay packages vary depending on experience and education qualification of the aspirants. The industry also offers opportunities to freelancers who like to create their own design or work closely with the clients.
    • There are numerous roles available in this industry. An aspirant can either work with a small jewellery store or become an employee of big brands like Tanishq or Malabar Gold and Diamonds. They also get the option to choose their specialisation. For instance, they can work as a repair person, lapidary or as a designer.
    Lastly, the jewellery designing role offers the sense of freedom and the opportunity to work independently. A jewellery designing professional can become a freelance jewellery designer or can open their own jewellery boutique and create their own designs. They can also hire staff to help them in their boutique and can retail out of some stores.

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The role of jewellery designer involves:

  • Ideating on a design for new ornaments
  • Designing the sketches of the design
  • Selecting the metals and gems for the ornaments
  • Customising and manufacturing them.
  • Creating models of jewellery that will be mass produced by other staff or machinery

How to become jewellery designer?
If you are a person with good observant, creative imagination and have a fair share of designing skills, then a career in the jewellery industry is perfect for you. The jewellery designing offers various roles for different positions and specialisations. You need to have the ability and skills to understand the market well and keep yourself updated with the latest jewellery trends in order to sustain in this industry and make your jewellery designs popular.

Jewellery designer eligibility criteria

The first step to becoming a successful jewellery designer is to complete a bachelor’s degree or a diploma degree from a recognised college. For that, you need to complete your 10+2/HSC in any stream from a recognised board with the required passing marks. Post that you can either do a graduation in designing course or do a short termed diploma in any relevant course.

  • You can pursue a course in jewellery designing after completing your 10+2 from Arts/Commerce/Science
  • In order to get admission in Post graduation courses in Jewellery designing, you must complete your Graduation from a recognised college/university with the minimum passing marks.

Listed here are the three paths you can choose to get a degree in jewellery designing.

Path 1:

  1. Complete 10+2/ HSC from Art/Commerce/Science with minimum passing marks.
  2. Pursue graduation degree in B. Sc. Fashion Designing/ B. Des. Accessory Design/ B. Des. Jewellery Retail and Export Management. A graduation degree is for 3-4 years.
  3. Enrol for Masters in Fashion Design/ M. Des. Accessory Design for 2 years.

Path 2:

  1. Complete 10+2/ HSC from Art/Commerce/Science with minimum passing marks.
  2. Then complete a Diploma in Fashion Designing/ Diploma in Jewellery Designing course for 1 year
  3. Apply for a course in Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing or Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Designing

Path 3:

  1. Complete 10+2/ HSC from Art/Commerce/Science with minimum passing marks.
  2. Pursue B. Sc. Fashion Designing/ B. Des. Accessory Design/ B. Des. Jewellery Retail and Export Management for 4 years.
  3. Post B.SC, you can pursue Masters in MA Design (Jewellery) or Fine Jewellery Design for 1 -2 years and study abroad.

Top Colleges in India and abroad offering Jewellery Designing courses

There are several reputed and known colleges in India that offer both full time and distance courses in designing, art and jewellery making. Listed here are the best colleges:

Best colleges fore jewellery designing courses

Apart from these India based colleges, there are several international colleges and universities offering specified jewellery designing courses for graduation and post graduation. Here is a curated list of top colleges outside India offering numerous courses in jewellery designing.

Entrance exams

Certain undergraduate colleges conduct entrance exams to get into their elective courses. These exams are challenging and clearing which will help you grab a seat in some of the reputed jewellery designing colleges in India. Listed here are the top colleges and their entrance exams along with their eligibility criteria and website link.

entrance exams for jewellery designing courses

Career opportunities as a jewellery designer

When it comes to a career in the jewellery industry, there are a myriad of opportunities available. This is because the field of jewellery making is a booming one, and with a frequent change in fashion and trends, there is always a new demand for jewellery. Hence, if you have the skills and the required education for jewellery making, you can easily establish yourself in this industry.

Here is a curated list of career opportunities available for an aspirant jewellery designer

Retail Chains:

As a jewellery designer, you can tie up with retail stores and brands across the country and put your creative jewellery designs for sale in their outlets and kiosks.

Jewellery Boutiques:

You can open your own jewellery boutique where you can put luxury ornament pieces and unique jewellery designs for sale. You can also customise your design as per the requirements of your customers.

Jewellery Designing Firms:

You can also work with reputed jewellery designing firms or even work with some of the popular jewellery designers like Farah Khan Ali, Suhani Pittie, Varuna D Jani and the like and create designs that resonate the ideology and style of that firm.


You can work as a goldsmith and get hands-on experience in creating metal based jewellery, ornaments, gold plates, pots and other objects.

Film and Television Industries:

You can also be a part of the film and television industry by creating customised jewellery designs for multiple characters according to various roles they play.


As a gemologist or a gem expert, you can help identify precious stones and gems by testing their genuineness, value, and authenticity.

Freelance/ Independent Jewellery Designers:

As a freelance jewellery designer, you can either open your own brand of jewellery designs or take up independent jewellery projects and create customised designs that go with the style and taste of the customers.

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