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Why Choose Sapphire Engagement Rings? A Guide

The Mintly Team

The Mintly Team

June 29, 2024

It’s an unconventional path…

A sapphire reflects her characteristics. Individualistic qualities with significant diversity – because she is unique. Sapphires are both conventional and fashionable gemstones for engagement rings. They can cover “something old” or “something new,” but will truly wow brides who need “something blue.” 

Sapphires are rare, gorgeous, durable, and pricey. When shopping for sapphire engagement rings, understanding the gem’s optical and physical qualities, grading standards, and variants will help you save time and money.

Are All Sapphires Blue?

Sapphires are available in a wide range of blue hues, including the vivid blue of a clear day, the royal blue of dusk, and the deep navy of night. Any engagement ring set with blue sapphires is certain to become timeless. Except for red, sapphires are available in every hue under the sun.

Any corundum that is not red and is of gem quality is referred to be sapphire. Ruby is corundum of red gem quality. Pure corundum, which is colourless and made entirely of oxygen and aluminium, cannot form in the presence of silicon. Since silicon is one of the most prevalent elements in the crust of the Earth, corundum is comparatively uncommon. 

The hue of corundum diamonds is caused by trace components. Ruby reds are chromium-colored. Blue sapphires are made of iron and titanium. varying concentrations of these and other components. Sapphires are most appreciated in their blue hue, which is also the color most commonly associated with this gemstone. If you come across the term “sapphire” when shopping for sapphires and it doesn’t specify the hue, it’s probably referring to blue sapphire. 

The color standard for blue gems of any kind is set by blue sapphires. For instance, the hue of the most precious tanzanites is frequently described as “sapphire-like”. Consider a fancy sapphire stone if you want a sapphire engagement ring but would rather have it in a hue other than blue or at a significantly lower cost. The priciest of these are pink and pink-orange padparadscha sapphires.

Ceylon Sapphire And Diamond Ring | Temple & Grace USA

How to Pick a Sapphire Engagement Ring Stone

Sapphire prices can vary significantly based on the stone’s quality, which is determined by the Four Cs of gemstone grading: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Here’s a brief overview of how to evaluate sapphires and what to look for when cutting and setting them in a ring.

  • Color is the most critical factor, with the ideal sapphire exhibiting a pure to violetish blue hue. Any traces of green can reduce its value. The stone should have vivid saturation and a medium to medium-dark tone, maintaining brilliance without darkening.
  • Pleochroism refers to sapphires showing two different colors from different angles. Typically, gem cutters orient blue sapphires to display their violetish-blue color when viewed from the top, hiding the less desirable greenish blue from the side. Strong pleochroism lowers the price.
  • Color zoning involves bands of different colors within the stone, which can range from dark blue to colorless. While some find these bands intriguing, even color is preferred for engagement ring. Pronounced color zoning can significantly reduce the stone’s price but may offer bargains for those who appreciate its uniqueness.
  • Windowing occurs when the cut creates a see-through spot at the bottom, causing light to escape rather than reflect. Proper cutting is essential to avoid this.
  • Extinction involves dark patches with no light return, ideally covering no more than 25% of the stone. It is more common in dark stones or those with deep pavilions.

Summing Up 

Sapphire engagement rings are a captivating option because of their many advantages. Sapphires add an unmatched and unique impression to your engagement because of their unquestionable color variations, deep symbolic meaning, durability, and affordability. Not to mention the element of surprise, which gives this lovely moment even more enchantment. 

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