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Amrapali Jewels Private Limited


Amrapali Jewels, named after the legendary muse of ancient India, is a brand that echoes with the opulence and rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship. 


With a dazzling heritage that inspires its designs, Amrapali embodies the timeless beauty and grace of its namesake, channeling inspiration, intuition, and vision into each of its creations.


Founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur, the brand began as a small venture inspired by the founders' love for India's intricate craft traditions. Amrapali has since grown to become an internationally recognized name, synonymous with luxury, elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship. The brand's commitment to reviving traditional Indian jewellery techniques, while infusing them with a contemporary aesthetic, has earned it a distinguished reputation among aficionados and collectors alike.


The essence of Amrapali lies in the delicate balance it strikes between antiquity and modernity. Its collections feature a stunning array of handcrafted pieces, ranging from statement necklaces and dazzling earrings to exquisite bangles and elegant rings. Each piece is a testament to the skill of its artisans and the purity of its materials, with the use of high-quality gemstones and metals being a hallmark of the brand.


Amrapali's collections draw inspiration from India's rich history, with motifs and designs that pay homage to the country's royal past. From the classic to the contemporary, the brand's versatility shines through in its ability to cater to diverse tastes. With boutiques across India and a presence in several international locations, Amrapali Jewels has established itself as a purveyor of fine jewellery that transcends cultural boundaries.


As a custodian of India's legacies, Amrapali isn't just a brand; it's a cultural bridge that connects the past to the present, making the magnificence of Indian jewellery accessible to the world. Its commitment to maintaining high standards of design and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not only an adornment but a piece of art that carries forward the story of Amrapali — timeless, exquisite, and steeped in beauty.

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