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Angara E-commerce Private Limited


Angara Ecommerce Private Limited, headquartered in the heart of Jaipur, has been a pioneer in the online jewelry retail space since its inception in 2005. 


Flourishing under the rich heritage of India’s gemstone capital, Angara is a testament to the city's vibrant tradition of craftsmanship. With a focus on handcrafted fine jewelry, Angara caters to a global clientele, offering an exquisite array of products that celebrate life’s special moments.


At Angara, every piece of jewelry is a labor of love and artisanship. The company’s generations of expertise in the gemstone and jewelry industry have been seamlessly integrated into an efficient, vertically integrated business model. This unique approach ensures not only the highest quality of jewelry but also enables rapid production.


Customers can enjoy a vast selection of premium-quality gemstones including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, diamonds, and more, each meticulously selected and set into beautifully designed rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.


The brand’s name, Angara, resonates with the passion and fire intrinsic to the rare gemstones they offer, mirroring the company's commitment to bringing brilliantly crafted jewelry directly from the source to the hands of the consumers. Emphasizing customization, Angara allows shoppers to choose the gemstone quality, carat weight, and metal type, creating truly personalized pieces that meet their individual desires and budgets.


Angara's online platform,, is a user-friendly interface where customers can effortlessly browse and purchase their desired jewelry. With detailed product descriptions, high-resolution images, and a customer-centric approach, Angara ensures a secure and satisfying shopping experience. Complementing its digital presence, Angara's customer service team provides personalized assistance, enhancing the overall buying process.


The company takes pride in its ethical sourcing and is committed to responsible business practices. Angara's dedication to excellence has garnered recognition and trust internationally, making it a distinguished name in the fine jewelry e-commerce domain. With a blend of traditional artisan skills and modern innovation, Angara Ecommerce Private Limited continues to sparkle as a jewel in Jaipur's crown.

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