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Avaesa-The Meta Physical Store


Avaesa is a one-stop store in Chennai for all your metaphysical needs. We offer merchandise that includes raw crystals, sacred geometry goods and jewellery.


 Quality is of paramount importance to us, and we handpick our merchandise from various trusted vendors across the globe. Apart from this, Avaesa is a community-in-making, conducting workshops on meditation, healing modalities, Tarot reading and self-empowerment, among others.


At the core of Avaesa's philosophy is the understanding that life's true meaning lies in the exploration and discovery of our authentic selves. Through various tools such as meditation, crystals, gem jewelry, and workshops, Avaesa offers a starting point for individuals to embark on their personal journeys of self-discovery and growth.


One of the key objectives of Avaesa is to foster a sense of community and mutual support among its members. It strives to create an environment where people can come together to learn, share ideas and stories, and inspire one another continually. By building this community, Avaesa aims to provide a platform for individuals to rediscover the deeper meaning of life and unlock their highest potential.


Avaesa recognizes that each person's journey is unique and deeply personal. Therefore, it encourages individuals to embrace their individuality, celebrate their successes, learn from their failures, and rise again with resilience and determination. The platform believes that personal growth can be an enjoyable experience and a shared adventure.


With a commitment to providing a fulfilling and enriching experience for its members, Avaesa invites individuals to embark on this sweet little ride called life together. Through its offerings and support, Avaesa seeks to empower individuals to create their own paths, embrace their inner strengths, and live their lives to the fullest.


Avaesa considers it a privilege to accompany individuals on their personal growth journeys. By providing a platform that fosters self-discovery, self-expression, and personal transformation, Avaesa strives to help its members uncover their true potential and realize the highest quality of life they owe to themselves. So, let us embark on this transformative journey together with Avaesa and unlock the magic within ourselves.

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