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Avani Gems, a distinguished name in the gemstone industry, has been a purveyor of luxury and quality since its establishment in 2005.


Situated in the heart of Mumbai, Maharashtra, the company operates from its strategic location at Opera House, a renowned hub for diamond trading in India. With a strong foothold in the market, Avani Gems specializes in supplying an exquisite selection of diamonds, including both precious and semi-precious varieties.


The company's expertise lies in their comprehensive range of top-tier products that cater to a diverse clientele. Their product portfolio includes high-caliber loose diamonds, semi-precious diamonds that offer a blend of quality and affordability, and precious diamonds that exude opulence and grandeur. Each gemstone is a testament to Avani Gems' commitment to excellence, reflecting unmatched brilliance and craftsmanship.


As a reputed exporter, manufacturer, and supplier, Avani Gems has earned a stellar rating of 5 for their impeccable service and the superior quality of their offerings. The company takes pride in its business acumen and ethical practices, ensuring that every transaction is conducted with transparency and integrity.


At the helm of Avani Gems is Mr. Alpesh Shah, who holds the position of partner. Under his visionary leadership, the company has scaled new heights and continues to forge a path of innovation and growth in the diamond industry. Avani Gems' operational days span across the entire week, allowing them to cater to their customer's needs without interruption.


Avani Gems' commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its user-friendly inquiry system, which encourages potential buyers to engage with them effortlessly. Customers seeking to purchase from Avani Gems can expect nothing short of exceptional service and high-quality products that are worth their investment.


For those looking to acquire timeless gemstones from a trusted source, Avani Gems stands out as a premier destination that promises to meet and exceed expectations.

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