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Batukbhai Sons Jewellers , the magnificent jewellers since 1972 and our aim is to offer excellence in celebrating occasions of life.


Back in the 1970’s, the keen observation of a single man led to the building of a brand and an empire that is now famously known as Batukbhai Sons Jewellers. Batukbhai Sheth observed that his fellow nagpurians would go to metro’s to buy gold.

In an era when people trusted only big names when it came to buying Jewellery, Batukbhai's confidence in his vision was unshakable and this led to the opening of his first shop on 2nd June, 1970. Since then, we at Batukbhai Sons Jewellers have never looked back.

With unmatched dedication and vision, we set a high benchmark in quality. Soon, the flow of buyers reversed and people from the other cities came to buy gold at Batukbhai Sons Jewellers.The credit simply goes to the vision of this one man.

A vision that has now become a trend, passed on from one generation to another. Today, his three sons, Rajendra Sheth, Kishor Sheth and Bharat Sheth who are considered as the three pillars of Batukbhai's business have taken the success further by making their father's vision their goal.

The BATUKBHAI FAMILY has been in the jewellery business since over 4 decades and holds reputation in central India.

With a dazzling exterior and ample space, our retail store offers customers the leisure to cruise around comfortably, while browsing through our latest collections.

Conclusively, along with having a successful business, Mr. Kishor Sheth also developed a keen interest in astrology. And therefore, after graduation in commerce and law he completed the master degree in Astrology, Vedang Jyotish, Jyotish shastri. Mr. Kishor Sheth wrote a book called ‘ Batukbhai Ratnasansar’.

Many famous celebrities have consulted him in matter of the right gems and stones, for both personal and business lives. He is the director of All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation

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