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Core Jewellery was founded in 1999, by Kamal Bhansali, Anita Bhansali, and Vivek Jadhav, visionaries with a common goal – to create a product that sets benchmarks when it comes to exceptional jewellery.

Our adherence to quality and commitment to innovation has led us to have an annual turnover of over $18 million servicing leading Jewellery retailers, wholesalers and distributors across the US, EU and Russian markets.

Quality Control At Core

Quality Assurance

Our in-house QC teams ensures the strictest adherence to standards

All stages of manufacturing from sourcing of raw materials to the packaging of finished products are subject to careful scrutiny.

Our stringent quality standards have resulted in a rejection ratio that is less than 1%.

Root cause analysis methodology is followed to better understand rejections and eliminate them.

CVD & LAB Grown Diamond

We have an integrated 3 layer CVD testing done once at the time diamonds are sourced/ Bagged / randomly checked during production & at Final Q.C. After checking loose diamonds for CVD the diamonds get checked after setting and before the jewelry gets shipped.

We have 2 Machines namely GII Arotek & J Smart Pro and each pieces is processed through both the machines for stringent checks.

We have auto saving mode for every batch of testing that can be back tracked in case of any ambiguity in near future.

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