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D. Khushalbhai Jewellers - Exclusive Collections


D. Khushalbhai Jewellers, a prestigious name in the jewelry industry, boasts a rich heritage as a fifth-generation family-owned business since 1950.


With a strong legacy rooted in craftsmanship and quality, the company has established itself as a trusted jeweler in Surat, India. Specializing in a wide range of precious metals and gemstones, including gold, diamond, platinum, and silver, D. Khushalbhai offers an extensive collection of over 10,000 unique jewelry designs catering to diverse tastes and occasions.


The company prides itself on its exceptional customer service and commitment to quality. Every piece from D. Khushalbhai carries the seal of trust, ensuring that customers receive only the best. The jeweler has also been recognized with the Highest Exports Award for gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry from Gujarat, underlining its prominence in both domestic and international markets.


D. Khushalbhai Jewellers is not just about selling jewelry; they are dedicated to providing a personalized shopping experience. This commitment is evident in their services like live video consultations and the option for customers to book private appointments at their showroom for a safe and customized shopping experience. 


Moreover, their comprehensive website offers an interactive and user-friendly platform where customers can explore and purchase their exquisite pieces online.


The company is also focused on ethical sourcing and craftsmanship. Each diamond is GIA-graded, ensuring it meets high standards of quality and integrity. With a promise of 100% original products, lifetime exchange, and buy-back policies, D. Khushalbhai Jewellers stands as a beacon of trust and excellence in the jewelry sector.

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