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Diamantina Fine Jewels- Exclusive Collections


Diamantina Fine Jewels, established in 2010, is a distinguished venture that blends the expertise of Lalchand Jewellers and Bulchi International. 


Operating out of luxury retail outlets in Mumbai and Delhi, Diamantina specializes in an extensive range of diamond and uncut jewelry, catering to diverse needs from everyday elegance to opulent bridal collections. 


The brand is renowned for its commitment to quality and design, offering pieces that range from classic to contemporary styles.

The jewelry collection at Diamantina spans several categories. Their High Jewellery line features premium white diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and uniquely colored diamonds, crafted into timeless pieces that appeal to discerning collectors. 


The Uncut Jewellery section showcases traditional jadau jewelry, which is expertly handcrafted by artisans from Rajasthan, featuring elaborate designs ideal for bridal wear. Additionally, Diamantina provides a specialized service in Solitaires, leveraging their network as reputed distributors of polished diamonds to offer a wide array of certified stones and in-house solitaire designs.


Diamantina also introduces Carat Crush, a prêt line designed to bridge the gap between high-end jewelry and everyday wear. This line makes fine jewelry accessible on the high street and online through their e-store, presenting stylish yet affordable pieces suitable for various occasions.


With a robust presence online and through social media, Diamantina Fine Jewels continues to expand its reach and influence in the luxury jewelry market, committed to delivering excellence and innovation in every piece. Their website and Instagram feed are vibrant showcases of their latest collections, inviting jewelry enthusiasts to explore the exquisite world of Diamantina Jewels.

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