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Diamond Atelier Private Limited


Launched in 2016 by Kavita Batra, Diamond Atelier Private Limited was born out of a taste for unique, the desire to do things differently, and add value. 


Kavita began to look for an opportunity to fill the gap in the market - this suddenly became possible & an image consultant turned into a diamond manufacturer, she was into service sector wherein she was aiming for something big and with her jewelers project she realised she should start something into this luxury business.


Journey of Diamond Atelier Private Limited


 In 2016 she started getting work from jewelers and she wanted to learn the sector just to match the vocabulary of this jewelry field but then later this field attracted her so much that she started working in the natural diamond segment and started her own natural diamond manufacturing unit, then recently in 2019 when she discovered the innovation of lab-grown diamonds and the ethical value they deliver....

Using lab-grown stones would allow for transparency impossible to attain with mined diamonds. The impact on the environment in using lab-grown diamonds was also much lower, which would in turn help Diamond Atelier invest now to create a sustainable future.


Thanks to this discovery, from the beginning, Diamond Atelier Private Limited was able to focus on manufacturing beautiful, high-quality yet sustainable stones that do not break your wallet

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