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Discover the exquisite world of DNJ Jewels - a leading name in the Indian diamond industry since 1970. Explore our timeless creations today!


The company got to top of the Indian diamond industry with it’s global distribution of Belgium sourced diamonds and state of art diamond cutting facilities in Gujarat.


Our family owned company became a De Beers Sight holder in a short span of time is a rare feet and this was achieved within 11 years of its establishment. Direct diamond sourcing from other mining giants like Rio Tinto’s, Australian Argyle mine and Canadian Diavik mines in late 1990’s was another rare accomplishment.

Soon, DNJ branched out to Mumbai, where we started jewelry manufacturing facilities and became the first factory in the Indian jewelry industry to be certified by Responsible Jewelry Council. 


Today, with over 700 members in its fine jewelry division alone, the company is in the reins of it’s 3rd generation, led by Mr. Punit Mehta. Our main focus is on fulfilling demands of retailers and distributors all across the globe. We supply a variety of jewelry,  from bridal to diamond fashion and several other categories


D.Navinchandra Jewels are among the first jewellery manufacturing companies in India to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.


A comprehensive product line offering over 25,000 styles to all customers importing from India. A continuous market research and design trend analysis by our teams traveling to global jewellery markets.


Over the years, the group has been honoured with many awards and citations from the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India. One of the early members of the Responsible Jewellers Council, utmost care is taken for excellence in the area of quality, environment,safety and social responsibility.

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