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Established in 2017 and housed in the heart of Gujarat’s inner south, Elvee jewels is a name that embodies a trend of designing and manufacturing jewellery that is synonymous with beauty and sophistication.  Our dedication, passion for excellence, and simple principles on style, quality, innovation, and price have made us what we are today. We are committed to bringing inspirational and never before seen masterpieces with the help of our experienced team of skilled artisans and designers.

The very soul of a creation is encapsulated in the vibrant life and light of its exceptional diamonds. These marvels are the result of visionary design to deliver only excellence to keep up with the ongoing trend and style. Our masterful artisans work hard in turning those dreams into a radiant reality in our workshops.


Elvee has gained and felt a strong presence in the industry through media. Being featured in two of the most reputed jewellery magazines in India namely The Retail Jeweller and The Indian Jeweller Magazine.

Elvee is known to house many experienced and skilled artisans and designers who acquire special talents. Elvee has organized many events to recognize such talent. One such event is the sports league which has given its employees an opportunity to bring out the best in them.


Elvee has a Retail and Manufacturing Unit. More Variety of Designs and stock is possible due to the aggressive work ethics of the 90+ team members. 

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