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ESTAA Fine Jewellery Private Limited


ESTAA Jewellery, based in Mumbai, is a renowned name in the world of exquisite jewelry, established in 2009 by Swati Shah and her son Pratik.


The Brand has outstanding designs, and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.


The journey of ESTAA Jewellery began with Swati Shah's passion for designing jewelry. Inspired by her father's legacy as a site holder for the South African DeBeers Diamond Trading Corporation, Swati crafted her first collection of 40 earrings using diamonds and gemstones set in gold. The overwhelming response from clients in Bombay and New York encouraged her to pursue her dreams further.


Pratik, after returning from Bryant University in the USA, joined the largest exporter of jewelry from India - Tara Jewels. Here, he honed his skills in product development and gained extensive knowledge about crafting high-quality jewelry. In 2006, Pratik ventured into the catalog jewelry retail business and successfully launched it in four cities across India.


In 2007 to 2009, Swati and Pratik collaborated with several renowned Italian high jewelry brands, including Stefan Hafner, Roberta Porrati, La Nouvelle Bague, IoSi, Calgaro, and Rosato. These collaborations further enriched their expertise and expanded their creative horizons.


ESTAA Jewellery takes immense pride in its team of experts who maintain a strict vigil on the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards while providing value for money. The hallmark of their products lies in their impeccable workmanship and outstanding designs. Their commitment to excellence has earned them excellent business relations with reputed buyers and satisfied clients worldwide.


The company operates from Monday to Saturday, adhering to strict timings. This dedication to punctuality reflects their professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional service.


With a strong foundation built on heritage, craftsmanship, and a passion for creativity, ESTAA Jewellery continues to redefine elegance in the world of jewelry. Whether it's a meticulously crafted diamond necklace or a stunning gemstone-studded bracelet, ESTAA Jewellery ensures that every piece exudes timeless beauty and captures the essence of luxury.

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