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Gallant Jewelry - Pioneer Manufacturer & Wholeseller for 925 Silver and Gold Jewelry with Genuine Gemstones and Diamonds..!!


From the year 2001, Jugal Kishor Gupta and Arvind Gupta founded ‘Gallant Jewelry’ with the vision of modernising jewelry craftsmanship through advanced technology and highly skilled manpower. The father and son together promised to establish their dream with the name of ‘Gallant Jewelry’ which comes with the values of respect, commitment and integrity towards all the stakeholders and community.


However, the roots of ‘Gallant Jewelry’ dates back to 1975, when expert jeweller Jugal Kishor Gupta started the business of precious and semi-precious gemstones which soon became renowned for gemstone sourcing among global brands and retailers.


Carrying forward his father’s legacy, Arvind Gupta, the heir to the empire and a diamond graduate from the prestigious GIA (Gemological Institute of America) led Gallant to reach new heights of success.


Since then, Gallant has established itself as the industry leader in quality manufacturing, wholesale and export of fine 925 sterling silver, brass, and fair-mined gold Jewelry with certified gemstones and authentic diamonds.

Now, with over 22 years of expertise, we pledge to work towards a spectacular and sustainable future of Jewelry manufacturing practices.

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