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Gemological Institute of America


GIA’s commitment to protecting diamond buyers inspired the Institute to create the Diamond 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™. 


These methods are the universal benchmarks by which all diamonds are judged. As the birthplace of these standards, and with its investment in continued gemological research, GIA’s authority is unequaled.


The world’s most respected retailers, museums, auction houses, and private collectors rely on the expertise of GIA graders to assess, grade, and verify their gems. They recognize the importance of complete, unbiased, scientific information in gem assessment, and absolutely trust GIA to provide it.


Gemological Institute of America Mission


GIA’s founder, Robert M. Shipley, had a tremendous impact on the world of gems. Shipley recognized the need for a comprehensive, international approach to understanding and evaluating gemstones. Without it, confusion and distrust would reign both at home and abroad. 


Shipley founded the Gemological Institute of America in 1931, not only as a place for gemological study and research but also as an educational facility where gem knowledge could be organized and shared with the public. His goal, and the Institute’s enduring principles, are clearly reflected in GIA’s mission statement:

‘Ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services and instrument development.”

Today, GIA has 14 locations spread across 13 countries. With 10 campuses, 9 grading and gem identification labs, 5 lab take-in locations and 4 research centers, GIA has a presence in all of the major gem and jewelry centers around the world. GIA has trained more than 365,000 students since it was founded in 1931.

The Institute’s diamond graders, researchers and educators are regarded as the world’s experts on gemology. Together, we carry on GIA’s proud tradition of research, discovery, and education.


Gemological Institute of America 's mission is to provide unbiased information about gemstones to consumers and professionals alike. The institute believes that knowledge is key to building trust in the industry, which is why it emphasizes education as an important tool for advancing the field of gemology. 



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