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Shri Padam Sacheti is an extraordinary story one which makes Mumbai proud for what it provides to people who believed in making their home here in the 70’s.
Having Moved to Mumbai in 1974 to pursue a business idea in Mumbai, he setup his first store “Jaipur Gems” in a rented Industrial compound (due to license raj) of Glaxo Worli. With immense dedication, hard work and equal support from his wife Manju, they toiled towards making a living by designing and manufacturing fine jewelry to Mumbai’s elite.
Within a few years with limited resources , they were able to make a significant name for themselves.
By 1987 they had done enough to finally move their store to the high street of Hughes Road. From this point, there was no looking back.

In 1995 the store in Mumbai was was doubled. With the addition of more hands in the form of his two sons Siddhartha and Mithun Sacheti, and an intention to keep the business a family oriented one, his business grew across with stores in Chennai and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.  
Started in 2005, Starfire today is the backbone of the enterprise. Equipped with the state of the art latest technology, and amalgamating ancient techniques with the latest, Starfire now employs over 200 workers in its  factory in Mumbai and Chennai. Meticulously delivering goods on time with highest consumer satisfaction.
The House of Jaipur Gems has always been ahead of the curve with vision and delivering value to the consumers, with this ideal and thought, was launched.

The Tata Group found a partner in Caratlane, and the Sacheti family, not only in business , but also as a partner that have similar values of reputation and trust among the industry and the vendors, and this partnership was simply organic in many ways, Titan Industries thus became a partner and invested in Caratlane.

Caratlane today is the largest B2C in the jewelry business in India, and amongst the biggest in the world. Jaipur Gems is trusted in the highest Strata of society and industry peers, solely guided by the principles of fairness and quality ingrained by Mr. Sacheti.
It is not only India's pioneer in e commerce, but has been featured in Forbes Fastest growing companies, and Mr. Mithun Sacheti has been recognized by Forbes as one of the youngest entrepreneurs under 40 to watch out for.

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