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Jewelebrate Jewellery LLC is a sister concern of Jin Jewels Fze, founded in the year 2009. The brainchild of Mr. Viplv Jain, a Marketing and Strategy Post Graduate from Warwick Business School, UK, Jewelebrate Jewellery pioneers in supplying the best of jewellery to leading retailers across the Middle East. What makes the enterprise best in the business, is the fact that Jewelebrate goes to astounding lengths to ensure that every piece of diamond, and every troy ounce of gold used in the various pieces of jewellery is of the finest quality possible.


The model at which Jewelebrate Jewellery LLC operates not only ensures utmost efficiency, but helps keeps the cost of the business to a minimum. By supplying directly to the retailers and customers, the company makes sure that there are no overheads related to the cost of rent and cost of inventory. The direct benefit of this low-cost operation is then readily transferred to the customers; who reap the benefits of purchasing fine quality diamonds at 20-40% lower prices than the prevailing rate in the market.


Jobs at Jewelebrate

Digital Marketing Manager

Sales Executive

Jewellery Designer


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Mon - Sat(Strict timings)




2208 - A, Panchratna,

M.P Marg, Opera House,

Mumbai- 400 004, Maharashtra.

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