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Jewelex India Private Limitedd


The Jewelex Group is a globally recognized leader in the diamond and jewelry industry, known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, care, and integrity. 


These core values are at the heart of everything Jewelex does, from sourcing and processing diamonds to crafting exquisite jewelry collections. With a history spanning over two decades, Jewelex has established itself as a vertically integrated company, overseeing every stage of the production process to ensure the highest quality products.


Jewelex prides itself on offering a wide selection of round and fancy shaped diamonds, boasting an inventory of over a million stones. The company's extensive experience and deep knowledge in diamond processing allow it to offer an unparalleled array of choices to its clients. 


Each diamond undergoes meticulous processing to enhance its brilliance and fire, with a focus on consistency in symmetry, quality, and assortment. This attention to detail is made possible by the skilled diamantaires and cutting-edge technology at Jewelex's disposal.


In addition to diamonds, Jewelex is renowned for its jewelry craftsmanship. The company combines innovative designs with impeccable production expertise to create quintessential collections for leading global jewelers. This commitment to quality has made Jewelex the leading jewelry supplier for more than twenty years.


Jewelex's global footprint is impressive, with operations and partnerships in key markets including the USA, Belgium, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia. The company regularly participates in major industry events, such as the CBG Show in Las Vegas and the JCK Shows, showcasing its latest offerings and reinforcing its reputation as a trusted name in the jewelry world.


Jewelex Group stands out for its dedication to superior products, customer care, and services within the jewelry industry, making it a preferred choice for customers and partners worldwide.

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