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Since 1962, we have been building Reputations in creating Handcrafted Premium Jewellery. Sri Jugal Kishore Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., through the years, has established itself as an ethical player in the market, with its certificates of authenticity and assuring transparency in the buying decision of the consumers leaving no stone unturned to ensure customer delight. We believe in exceeding your expectations, and hence provide the best in the industry.

We, the entire family at Sri Jugal Kishore Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., adore and adhere to the deep-rooted south Indian traditional values. This admiration is evident in our hand crafted jewels which are crafted by the quality Chetinadu artisans called ‘tthattan’ who have inherited this art called ‘Kai Sadikkarai Valaii’ from their forefathers.

Our quest is to redefine and reinforce India’s passion for gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery with products of the highest quality and purity in the widest range and the lowest prices. We intend to launch a chain of a Jewellery showrooms across India and world within the next five years and set new standards of transparency and fair dealing.

We at Sri Jugal Kishore Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., combine traditional values, personal service and extensive knowledge with contemporary designs and a focus on creating jewellery that captures the essence of urban Taste.


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Sri Jugal Kishore Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.,
# 44/73, C.P Ramaswamy Road,
Chennai – 600 018.
Tamil Nadu.

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