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Kataria Jewellery Insurance & Finance


Kataria Jewellery Insurance & Finance is a specialized insurance consultancy based in Mumbai, India, dedicated to providing insurance solutions.


With over 25 years of experience, the company has established itself as a trusted leader in safeguarding businesses involved in the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing of jewellery against a myriad of risks such as theft, burglary, fire, and transit losses.


Operating out of its corporate office near Zaveri Bazaar, with a network of sales representatives across more than 16 cities throughout India, Kataria offers a comprehensive range of services. These include claims handling, risk assessment, and detailed policy management, ensuring that their clients can operate their businesses without the fear of significant financial loss.


Kataria Jewellery Insurance & Finance is not only an expert in handling typical business risks but also provides coverage for specialized risks including fidelity, industrial risks, and marine-related losses. 


The firm's ability to resolve claims quickly and efficiently is showcased through their impressive record of solved cases worth millions, highlighting their commitment to client satisfaction and business continuity.


As authorized agents for both private and government insurance entities and recognized by the IRDA, Kataria serves over 20,000 satisfied clients nationwide. Their client-centric approach, deep industry knowledge, and robust support system make them a go-to consultant for jewellery businesses looking for reliable insurance solutions.


Whether it's a small jeweller or a large manufacturer, Kataria Jewellery Insurance & Finance stands ready to convert crises into minor hurdles, allowing businesses to thrive even in challenging times. Their dedication to protecting the jewels of India's heritage is evident in every policy crafted and claim resolved.

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