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Krishna Rajaram Ashtekar Jewellers


KRA is family owned business. That is the best way to describe the Ashtekar family of KRA Jewellers, Pune. And this is not because they are in the business of gold.


But all of them are just like the way their business is… Pure Gold!


KRA enjoys unequivocal trust and respect from every person connected with us.That is also why generations of customers have continued to patronize our showrooms for more than 9 decades.




For us, customer orientation is a way of helping our customers. We help our external customer (buyers) by fulfilling their needs and wants as well as we help our internal customers (KRA members) by making each other’s task easier. This is our path to give our best in providing a customer satisfaction in all means.




We believe in providing a quality product, however our quality is not only dependent on the product but it also includes quality of service, quality of work and quality of our process. Hence we believe, to maintain this quality it is never a single person’s duty, it is unitedly everyone’s responsibility.




We focus on standard work procedures. It helps us all to perform our task on a same platform and in a balanced flow. It guides us toward our work process which are repeatedly and systematically followed to achieve the desired result.




Kaizen is a Japanese term which means continuous improvement. Our ideology is to practice Kaizen as our work method involving daily improvement eventually results us in a long term effectiveness. We appreciate even a smallest of improvement which benefits us to achieve our common goals.


Address: Shop no 11, 24K World residency,Sr no-198/1B, Next to Phoenix Mall, Chowk, Nagar Rd, opp. to BRT Bus Stop, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

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